Christmas Thoughts…

Can you believe Christmas is once again almost on our doorstep.

Here are a few ideas for the loved ones in your lifeโ€ฆ
  • Sheepskins,

Beautiful for indoor decor and perfect for outdoor, camping insulation on a chair at the campfire or under your sleeping bag to keep you cozy!
  • Reindeer Hides

Reindeer hides are a very popular sleeping pad for trips in the outdoors that provide high insulation.

All the skins we sell are silicone impregnated and are intended for use in the outdoors throughout the year.

Gift Card towards one of the following

  • Bundutec Roof Top Tent automatic open and close at the push of a button, leave all your sleeping gear in the tent, Perfect camping companion.

  • Moremi Roof Top Tent opens in seconds, a great tent for two.
Arriving end of Nov Pre-orders taken now
  • Axes- A beautiful assessment of hand made axes from Russia.
  • Hectic Leisure- The perfect kitchen unit for all outdoor activities!
  • Silky Saw Big Boy
    The Silky Bigboy 2000 features a 36 cm low-angle curved blade that offers superior balance and fast cutting, as well as a rubberized cushioned handle that can be used one, or two handed. Highly portable, and featuring pull stroke cutting action, The Bigboy 2000 is a great choice for those looking for a saw for medium sized branches, limbs and smaller trunks.
  • Gstoves
    You cannot go wrong with these beautifully made stainless steel stoves, craftmanship that will last you forever.

A couple other ideas are snomaster fridge/freezers, awnings from Wild Coast or Bundutec.

All the above products can be found on the following websites

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and a prosperous 2021!


Wild Coast Camping Gear…

Camping on the bank of a tidal river- Bear River Nova Scotia

A view down the river
BunduTop and Bunduawn
Wild Coast Big Sky
Fog rolling in through from the Bay of Fundy into the Annapolis basin and down Bear river, simply gorgeous
Beautiful evening on the river bank
Setting up the area under tarp in case of rain!
This is the Bereg fireplace which has glass on both sides, a great stove that generates a lot of heat!
All set for rain should it come as forecasted ๐ŸคฃBereg large Fireplace under Bereg Tarp!
Lovely trail along the river, oppressive humidity, thankfully a little breeze coming off the water, totally beautiful though!
Hiking with awesome friends!
Feeling chilled with snomaster ๐Ÿ˜Š
Stunning evening!
Perfect ending to a beautiful day!

Trailer to Truck…

So we decided to sell our trailer and focus on the F150 for our overlanding needs. Why, you may ask… well that is an easy answer, the trailer is GREAT for space, however it is such a challenge turning around on really tight trails where there is a big drop on one side and a bank on the other!

So Truck it is, now we can explore all these little trails and find cool remote areas to camp in!

We moved the BunduTop and BunduAwn onto the truck, installed the water tank and dual deep cycle battery system on top of the tanks, as well as two pumps, one for tank water and one to use for water from an external source.

The solar charge controller was installed and hooked up to the bundutop solar panel (300W)

We added a switch panel for the water pumps as well as usb ports etc.

We had to drill a hole in the cab to install the power supply to the BunduTop, viola we have the tent fully powered. We installed a separate switch for the BunduTop as well so we can switch off the power to the bundutop when we are away from vehicle.

The water tank now needs all its connectors and pipes attached so we can easily hook up the hot water to the ecotemp when needed.

Still a LOT to do, but we making progress a little each day… will update here as we go along.

We will be changing out the 360 BunduAwn for a 270 and a Bundubox later this year when our shipment arrives, covid has really messed with our shipping schedules!

The Updated Wild Coast Sandpiper Roof Top Tent

Sandpipers are now in stock!

Below are all the specs for the tent, however this will not give you the real idea of how great the tent is! Durable and strong with updated fabric to 600D poly oxford ripstop, waterproof and worry free camping!

FREE shipping in Canada to your nearest Day & Ross Hub

Inside Sandpiper roof top tent
Inside the Sandpiper Annex room
  • Tent Body: 600D rip stop Polyester oxford, W/R W/P PU 2500mm
  • Rainfly Fly: 420D rip stop Polyester Oxford PU 2500mm, W/P, W/R. Fireproof coated elevated above body of tent for better ventilation
  • Mattress: High Density 75mm,
  • Base:Light Weight diamond base with plastic insulation Alu alloy connectors
  • Mattress cover – sides and bottom covered in vinyl to prevent moisture wicking , Poly cotton top. Cover is removable.
  • Bungee cords that do not pop open- aids-pulls in the side walls when collapsing the tent.
  • Screens: no-see-um mesh Internal storage pockets to keep all your essentials handy.
  • Travel Cover: Heavy Duty 680g 1200 Density, PVC sealed with Zip, UV resistant strong.
  • Travel Cover Straps stronger, stainless steel clasp, straps will not come loose.
  • Internal Frame: Aluminium Pole dia 12″
  • Internal frame covered
  • Led light strip and bag
  • 1mm skirt around base of tent in black poly-cotton
  • Window in the Extension our OEM window
  • Ladder: Aluminium Telescopic Ladder adjustable to 2.36m
  • Ladder on the inside of Annex room
  • Gear bags: Bag can be inserted behind or on the sides of the ladder even on the side of the base if not using the annex room Window on veranda
  • Cable Inlets: Two velcro-sealed cable inlets (very useful for devices powered from within your car)
  • Pockets for window and entrance pegs to go through
  • Weight bar on the bottom to prevent the wind blowing in
  • Additional tie downs for high winds
  • Snap to hold the tent fabric in place when closing the tent
  • Adjustable Straps for tie downs
  • Annex : Orange rip stop 420D poly oxford Adjustable height 190-210cm
  • Annex Floor see attached image
  • Fabric : 420D Polyester Oxford PU 2500mm, W/P Adjustable height 1.8m-2.1m
  • Annex attachment to base and Attaches to the bottom of the tent for additional space for any use.
  • Removable PVC Floor which attaches to annex room base with high quality Zip
  • Two entry doors as well as two windows, no-see-um netting on the windows
  • 1 pcs bar on the annex door
  • An additional PVC window on the veranda of the tent, with zippered privacy screen
  • Weight Bar and velcro strip on the bottom of the annex door to prevent wind blowing in
  • Additional pegs on either side of the door to prevent the annex from lifting when unzipping from the bottom.
  • Universal mounting system, fits on just about any roof rack (this is a sturdy product, please check static and dynamic load capacity of your roof rack specifications) Avoids damage by not getting in contact with the car roof and can easily be removed from roof bars.
  • Entrance can be mounted either to the side or the back of the vehicle
  • Two extra large gear bags
  • Stainless steel 304 for all mounting parts

Wildcoasttents to see more info on our roof top tents

Our 2020 overland trip…?

Our Bedslide!

Where to even begin…..

Since we are all experiencing social distancing with covid-19 our plans have to be put on hold until all of this is under control!

We are feeling disappointed but have to follow protocol and make sure everyone stays safe, that is our main priority.

Should August roll around and covid-19 has taken a back seat we will reassess our plans, until then we all wait and watch and hope for this to be over soon.

In the meantime we are prepping our F150 for future trips, we now have a slide installed, which is awesome! Next we have to analyze the space and see what we want to put where!

We will have battery packs, inverter and solar panels set up for the Bundutec and fridge to run off , we will have more details on that coming up.

We are considering putting in a low profile snomaster instead of the regular one, so we can access the inside of the fridge a little easier.

We have a water tank we used in our trailer which i think we may move over to the truck. It holds a good amount of water for our needs. Eco temp will be hooked up for instant hot water. These units are an absolute god send!

Then the stove i think for now we will keep as a separate unit, ie. not attach to the truck on a swivel as previously thought, this way we can literally move it anywhere.

Our bundutec roof top tent stores all our sleeping gear inside when closed so no need to worry about space for bedding and pillows, easy breezy!

The rest of the gear we still have to decide how to stash neatly and efficiently.

That is about it to date, now when we will actually get out to use the gear is another story ๐Ÿ™‚

So lets get rid of the virus, stay safe everyone and keep social distancing so we can hit the trails once more!

Newfoundland for 2020

Another upcoming overland trip to Newfoundland!

Our plan for 2020 is a overland trip to Newfoundland , details to come but we are taking two weeks in August to explore as much as we can of the areas we have not yet been to. Plan is to find as many off grid spots to explore as possible! We are not taking a trailer this year, but rigging out our F150’S instead thus enabling us to get to areas we would otherwise not be able to explore with trailers in tow!.

If any of you know of or have explored NFL extensively and can give us some trails of interest please share… We are really wanting to stay of major roads, and see uncommon places ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned for changes to the rigs and more detailed info

Thank you to you all for following our adventures and lets make 2020 the best year ever!

Day 10-it feels like home!

We left early and stopped for coffee and goodbyes before going our separate ways home! Last official day on the road,it was a misty cool morning at 5 C.

We picked up our Rotties who were as always delighted to see us as we were them, headed off home and thankfully no puppy puke on the way ๐Ÿ˜‚

Finally arriving back there really is nothing like home, it is always good to get back..However we will miss our many laughs, daily drives and evening fires together!

Now the unpacking begins and catching up on work!

Herewith with the stats and the map of where we went on this trip, nowhere near as impressive as our Labrador trip, but this one was definitely more relaxed!

Sandy & Barb’s Rig

Peter and Trish’s Rig

We planted our flag in Kegashka saw many impressive sights and ate some incredibly good shrimps, saw whales from the shore, rock hunted on the beach, saw sandstone monoliths and puffins! Yes, this was a great time with the greatest of friends!

Thank you to all who followed us on our adventure we sure do appreciate each and everyone of you.

Until next time……

……check into our blog every now and again you never know what story might peak your interest next ๐Ÿ˜‚

….2020 is bound to get us drooling over another epic trip!

Day 9…. back to Godbout!

After a great dinner with great friends we headed back for an early night.

Woke up early had breakfast and headed straight to Godbout to get on the ferry at 11, weather looks good so hopefully no more cancellations!

We have to be back in Grand Pre tomorrow before 12 to pick up our beloved 4 legged friends! So come on weather play fair!

Back through the construction paying great attention to our speed limit as those sneaky cops wait on the other side of the construction… sneaky sneaky!

We finally boarded the ferry and had a bumpy 2hr ride to Matane.

When we finally left Matane it was about 2 pm. With a decent amount of driving still ahead of us still we booted it out of there!

We drove through beautiful valleys and rolling hills of Quebec, stunning countryside

Finally we made it to New Brunswick!

However this was not the end of our adventure …as we arrived in Moncton it was about 8pm and we thought we would settle for a hotel instead of setting up camp, this was not to be though all the hotels AND campsites were fully booked! Unbeknownst to us there was a cfl game in Moncton and everything was booked up right up to Amherst! Now this is why we have a rigs for overlanding!

So once again we scoured the maps and found a spot eventually on iOverlander at Haute-du-Ruisseau Nature Park! Just a parking lot off the road but very clean and believe it or not a pit toilet that was very clean! We lucked out ๐Ÿ˜‚

We literally setup our roof top tents and crawled into bed! By this time it was after 10 and we were all exhausted from a very long day!

Chilly night dropped down to 5 degrees and very damp, lots of owls calling all night, tomorrow homeward bound!

Day 8 …Baie-Comeau

Our campsite last night was spectacular, breathtaking scenery! We lucked out and were able to camp right on the lake.

This morning we woke up to loon calls nothing nicer than that! We had our coffee and showers and headed out for a lovely kayak paddle on this stunning lake! The water was so calm and not a soul stirred!

After our paddle we loaded up and packed up camp and headed out again. Along the windy dirt road we came across a lovely waterfall!

Finally hit civilization again uploaded the blog from yesterday and grabbed another much needed coffee.

We then headed out once again pointing our nose in the Baie-Comeau direction, more construction and more rain!

As we passed our last ferry point Godbout I had said to Peter that it looked quite windy and rough on the water and hoped I did not get motion sickness, not even five mins later the radio cracked and Sandy told us the ferry had just been canceled due to rough weather!!

So the rush was on to try and get re-booked for tomorrow morning which means we now have to back track to Godbout!

So we treat ourselves to a nice comfy bed tonight with flush loos and lots of hot water ๐Ÿคฃ Catch up on a bit of work and missed calls and a nice dinner ๐Ÿ˜Š

An early drive back to catch ferry in Godbout tomorrow fingers crossed that the weather cooperates for us

…..over and out!

Day 7-Minganie-Port Cartier

We were up at 4:30 this morning way before we should’ve been up. The rain came pouring down just as we started packing up. We went to the excursion building paid for the trip and had a last loo run

We were all decked out in beautiful big red life jackets., that are definitely not boob friendly ๐Ÿ˜‚ and as you sit down the jackets slide up and you feel like a turtle struggling to come out of your shell!

We were shuttled into a little red spreed boat with two other people and a captain. The captain did not speak much English so with our broken, very broken bits of French and his broken English and a passenger in the boat that became our translator-by free will we managed to figure it out!

We were taken out to the first island where we saw many many puffins including, razorbills, guillemots, terns, and kittiwakes

We got to spend an hour on the island where there is an old lighthouse, the puffins nest in the banks and only lay one egg each season. They usually keep the same mate every season and use the same burrow as in previous years, and believe or not they can fly up to 55mph. Very cool little guys!

Once we returned to the boat to go to the next island we were greeted by our very enthusiastic young captain who had fished out a Sea Urchin with a mop with double handles!! He had cut it open for us to taste. Surprisingly enough they are very sweet not like anything you would expect, not fishy at all. Sadly we discovered we were actually eating the reproductive organs of the sea urchins. The Japanese believe them to be a great aphrodisiac and are highly valued! Peter was trying to convince us that were eating sea urchin poop, before we figured out what our captain was actually saying….although he was the first one to try it and quite enthusiastically too.

We were then shuttled to the next island flying in our little boat, we were hitting all the waves at quite a speed bouncing around all over the place. They should offer kidney belts on the boats not life jackets to survive this trip, a lot of laughter and bouncing.

The next island we went to had the limestone monoliths and we got to spend about half an hour walking around the monoliths and exploring the beach.

Difficult to imagine that these rock formations date back almost 500 million years to a time when a warm, shallow tropical sea covered todayโ€™s St. Lawrence Lowlands region.

It was time to get back into the boat and once again weโ€™re bounced back to the mainland this time getting soaked in the process what a hoot!o

Once back in the vehicle we headed out towards sept Iles We stopped at a little town called Riviere-aux-Tonnerre at a grocery store which actually has everything but the kitchen sink. We grabbed much needed coffee and a few munchies and headed back out on the road again

Lots of road works along the way and no cell reception at all!

Lots of rivers, waterfalls and fireweed which is still in bloom here making for a very scenic drive.

Rain again on the drive to Sept รŽles hopefully it clears up before we set up camp for the night!

The BunduTop has been a dream to pack up quickly in bad weather though!

We arrived in Sept-รŽles for shrimp, yay… the rain stopped and sun shone again. We went to a lovely restaurant which was recommended to us by the campsite owner in Mingan.

The food was divine, the shrimp was amazing, the scallops and snow crab excellent, to top it off we had the best coconut cream pie I have ever had! Delish

Finally reached Port Cartier went into the wildlife reserve, about 30 Kim’s off the main road.. a winding dirt road absolutely stunning scenery!

Camped at Lac Walker Campground for the night..I’ll update with details when I get reception again