Trailer to Truck…

So we decided to sell our trailer and focus on the F150 for our overlanding needs. Why, you may ask… well that is an easy answer, the trailer is GREAT for space, however it is such a challenge turning around on really tight trails where there is a big drop on one side and a bank on the other!

So Truck it is, now we can explore all these little trails and find cool remote areas to camp in!

We moved the BunduTop and BunduAwn onto the truck, installed the water tank and dual deep cycle battery system on top of the tanks, as well as two pumps, one for tank water and one to use for water from an external source.

The solar charge controller was installed and hooked up to the bundutop solar panel (300W)

We added a switch panel for the water pumps as well as usb ports etc.

We had to drill a hole in the cab to install the power supply to the BunduTop, viola we have the tent fully powered. We installed a separate switch for the BunduTop as well so we can switch off the power to the bundutop when we are away from vehicle.

The water tank now needs all its connectors and pipes attached so we can easily hook up the hot water to the ecotemp when needed.

Still a LOT to do, but we making progress a little each day… will update here as we go along.

We will be changing out the 360 BunduAwn for a 270 and a Bundubox later this year when our shipment arrives, covid has really messed with our shipping schedules!

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  1. Sandy Swantee says:

    Now we can really play follow the leader 😁👍

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