Full Circle

A new member just joined Wild Coast Camping Gear… Land Rover Defender 110!

Dad always had a land rover and growing up in the bush in Africa it was a good thing he did! Remembering times of being hauled through raging rivers by oxen just yoked to the Land Rover, little shepherd boys wielding whips on the rivers banks, to guide the oxen through, how we were not washed down the river oxen and all still amazes me. We had to sit with our feet on the seat as the river water rushed into the Land Rover, at times dad sat us on the tire on the bonnet as were were pulled across the river… seat belts were not a thing back then!

My siblings and I would sit in the back of the defender bouncing off those little metal seats and banging our heads on the side windows as dad picked his way over a trail which we considered a “road”! At times dad would tell me to push down the “yellow gear” to keep our Landy in 4 wheel drive as it had a tendency to pop out at the most inopportune moments.. but that was not so easy for tiny hands!

Our Land Rover raced us to the hospital when my brother fell with a reed in his mouth and almost slit his jugular, hauled us to boarding school on those very early dark mornings getting us past rock falls and slick roads. Bounced a very pregnant mum to hospital to deliver a brother, not to mention being told to jump out of the moving Land Rover as it was sliding down the pass on ice!

Memories of our Landy conjure up the most wonderful, albeit a little scary, moments of my childhood living way off the beaten track, far from civilization, bush babies we really were! Each day was an adventure, memories that will always be treasured.

And then of course there was my first driving experience in the defender on a very muddy, slippery trail and even though i was sitting on my dads lap, that was an ultimate moment for me, so much so it has stuck with me all these years later, it is no wonder I am “stuck” on Land Rover Defenders!

So here I am years later, full circle! Finally I get my defender and although it is not the “old school” defender, it is a defender 110 which has exceeded all my expectations, I am beyond thrilled!

This Landy is going to be “topped” off with a Bundutop automatic roof top tent and a Snomaster fridge/freezer. This combo will make a very convenient, cool rig to head out into no man’s land for a night or a couple weeks! The ease of setup, with the bundutec combined with this epic Land Rover Defender X110 , will be able to take you anywhere you dream! And dream you should, we all need a time to press pause and escape this crazy world and a defender with the bundutec will make this simply a breeze.

In Dr Seuss words “oh the places you’ll go… Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way”

Stay tuned for photos and updates on this rig.

A huge shout out to Land Rover Halifax for getting me setup with this epic 2022 Defender x 110 and a specific thanks to Bill Lyon for dealing with a hundred and one questions from me! If you are in the market for a Land Rover contact Bill, he has been great to deal with and will get you in a Land Rover that will steal your heart!

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