Bear River

Bereg Boats and Robens Tents

There is nothing more enjoyable than starting up these motors and heading out in these bereg airboats to enjoy a day on a tidal river.

The water was calm no wind, the sun was out to play, just the perfect setting for a playful cruise out into the annapolis basin. We went around bird island and saw a bunch of seals lazing near the island and playing in the water, it is called bird island for obvious reasons and I think there must be more bird poop on there than grains of sand 🙂 Not an Island you would want to have a picnic on.

We then headed down bear river into the town of bear river tied up the boats and took a stroll into the little village to grab a coffee., not before incident of course.. I took a mis-step and landed in the water between the boat and the dock… just a simple blonde moment. thank goodness it was a summer day and the water wasnt ice cold.

There were a few fishermen trying their luck out on the river, a popular spot to catch stripers.

An excerpt from Nova Scotia: Stripers of the Northland – The Fisherman

“The Bay of Fundy, located between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, has an extreme tidal range and the highest tides on the planet. Since the bay tides are so strong, tidal rivers can be temporarily reversed, causing a crest of water to form as the water heads against its normal flow–a tidal bore. During the early spring as stripers head into the rivers to spawn, this geological feature plays a role in striper fishing. twice a day the tidal bore enters the river with all the stripers right behind it. Depending on how high the tide, it can push fish more than 6 km up river.” … if you like to fish I guess this could be the spot!

Bear Island and digby in the background
Bear River
Dock at bear river
Back on shore

We had set up the Robens Klondike and Robens Chinook tents, we are most impressed with the quality of these tents, they far exceeded our expectations. They are not only spacious but accomodate a wood stove and as an extra you can have a fleece floor, total luxury camping at the river.

All in all a great day spent on the Bear river . You can check out the robens tents on …