Newfoundland for 2020

Another upcoming overland trip to Newfoundland!

Our plan for 2020 is a overland trip to Newfoundland , details to come but we are taking two weeks in August to explore as much as we can of the areas we have not yet been to. Plan is to find as many off grid spots to explore as possible! We are not taking a trailer this year, but rigging out our F150’S instead thus enabling us to get to areas we would otherwise not be able to explore with trailers in tow!.

If any of you know of or have explored NFL extensively and can give us some trails of interest please share… We are really wanting to stay of major roads, and see uncommon places 🙂

Stay tuned for changes to the rigs and more detailed info

Thank you to you all for following our adventures and lets make 2020 the best year ever!