The ease of the awning!

Heading out to the beach for the day or weekend the awning is easy to use and so convenient for those scorching days when you just want a little shade. Can be used on its own as in the photos below, or in conjunction with a roof top tent for additional space. Perfect for picnics or family outings. The awning literally sets up in about 2 mins


IMG_1647 IMG_1661

Kupilka cups, Karesuando Axe, Helle Knife and Emberlit stove!


To add to the awning you can get fabric wall or netting walls which can serve as an outdoor space away from bugs or as an additional sleeping area,kitchen area, change room, playroom or whatever you chose

Bug Screen netting walls
Roof Top Tent and fabric walls with roll down windows and door for complete privacy.

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  1. saararozic says:

    This is literally the best camping spot ever – couldn’t beat the view!

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