No regrets with this magnificent Gstove!

We are in love with the g-stove! For those of you that have one… bet you LOVE it and for those considering a stove, get the g-stove, it is a purchase you will not regret.

It is so versatile, use it just under a tarp for camp cooking or in a shed, cottage or yes a tent!

This powerful little stove has many options too … you can buy the heat or the heat and view which has a little glass window, there is the XL heat and an XL heat and view too.

In the photos below you can see the pipe sections they come with, these sections all pack into the Gstove.

Add on a pipe oven which by the way is simply fantastic and cooking in the pipe oven is great.

The pipe oven comes in two models, one that just has a solid door and the premium version that has a glass viewing piece and a thermometer so all depending how fancy you want to be 🙂

More info on the Gstove or to purchase.

We have been trying out different recipes in the oven and so far we have had so much success. We have made lasagna which is to die for, apple pie… YES nothing better than having luxury food while camping YAY…  We have done quiche and pizza rolls. So much still to try and we keep you all updated as we go along.

Check out this video below too!

Honestly we have used our Gstove now for a couple of years and it still works as beautifully as ever not to mention the quality of this stove is second to none!

A few accesorries for the stove in pics here. Go to http://www.wildcoasttents.com for more info and to purchase if you are in Canada or USA

Camping Stove

Frontier Stove’s Controlled Open Flame Technology (COFT)


The Frontier Stove has many functions, to warm, to cook and to boil.

One of the many advantages of the Frontier camping stove is that it provides an area to cook directly on the flame to ensure maximum heat from the flame to the cooking pot add to this a flue damper you cant go wrong, whether you are out in the garden, the shed, by the lake or in the forest.

The adjustable door vent allows oxygen to be controlled to the fire and the flue damper controls the maximum amount of air allowed through the stove to increase fuel efficiency and heat.



The Frontier Stove is compact, lightweight and versatile and is perfect for any venue, camping, backyard, lakeside, shed you name it. It can produce enough heat to keep you warm in tipi tents or in a “man cave”, heat you up after a cold dip in the Atlantic and perfect to to extend your camping season and to extend your outdoor cooking season too

Frontier Stove Water Heateraccessories_water-heater1

The Frontier’s Water Heater boils and keeps water hot, or you can use any flat bottomed kettle to the heat plate. You can even remove the pot-hole to sit the kettle, or pan, directly in the way of the flame. There is a sliding top to add more water and a brass tap to pour yourself a nice cup of hot tea. Also ideal for washing up or for a cup of soup! The water heater wraps around the flue and sits directly on the stove top, works like a dream.

When using the stove for the very first time, we recommend that you vent your shed or tent is well. The initial manufacturers residue will burn off as soon as the stove heats up for the first time. I would even suggest you just start it up outside initially in the fresh air. A Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm is recommended for enclosed spaces.

The Frontier stove comes with:

  • 1 x section of chimney with rotating baffle
  • 1 x ash catcher
  • 4 x chimney sections
  • 3 x steel legs which fold into a neat bundle

For more accessories and information check our website …. http://www.wildcoasttents.com


May your Christmas be Merry and incredible happy

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” — Edward Abbey 

Here with a few suggestions for Christmas from stuffer’s to bigger items… give the person you love a taste of the outdoors for Christmas.

Kupilka are beautifully crafted and come in really packing would make a beautiful gift for a person who loves the outdoors.Cup and Bowl

We now also  have a large range of Helle Knives FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada… hurry while stocks last these knives are super popular..

How about a Stove for those winter days when power goes out, for camping or hot tenting. We have the Emberlit, Ecozoom and Frontier stove

The Emberlit is perfect gift for the “outdoorsy” person, anyone who loves to be in the outdoors camping and enjoying all nature has to offer.

We have roof top tents available to ship countrywide at very reasonable prices. We are still offering the guy show specials so get yours before Christmas.

The Varanger tents are perfect for the both winter and summer as you can have a wood stove in the centre to keep you warm through those cold damp nights. with this tent you can now extend your camping season, no need to quit camping at any season!

It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.” — Dave Barry …. But never fear with Wild Coast Tents, you will be cozy and dry!