Bereg Tents – UP2

Extreme winter tents – These tents can be put up in a matter of minutes which is ideal especially when it is bitter cold outside. These tents allow the user to camp at temperatures from +30 as a single layer tent or to -50 degrees Celsius, when used with the three layers and a stove.

Perfect 4 season tents

 The outer tent of tents UP Oxford 300 with moisture-repellent impregnation PU 4000 mm. Taped seams of the outer tent awning fall will create additional protection from rain.

The inner layer of tents UP Oxford 210 with moisture-repellent impregnation PU 2000. Completely duplicates the outer layer of the tent has mosquito nets on all windows, doors and is equipped with a bottom with a zipper.

Elements of the tent frame UP made of aluminum rod 10 mm alloy B95T1 (In USA analogue AA7075, in EU ENAW 7075). B95T1 is the most durable of the known aluminum alloys

The alloy has a long life, has high resistance to wind and is not subject to deformation for many years.

All the tents have a chimney with a diameter of 90 mm (3.543 in.), which allows the use of a tent with a wood stoves 

Installation of a wood stove in a tent allows you to use the up in any condition, whether it be hunting, ice fishing or general camping

Removable hinged door for easy access to the tent.

The UP tents come in three zizes

UP mini, UP2 and UP4

Time for fall and winter camping!

Once again the leaves have changed color, the wind is blowing them off in a hurry… fall is well on its way now and winter is lurking once again. BUT if you are a camper, don’t despair, after all there is nothing better than camping in a Helsport Dome, Pasvick, Varanger or Finnmark tent, all of which can accommodate a wood stove. These lavuu tents will keep you all cozy and warm! Be it fall or winter these tents are so easy to set up, add a stove setup  and there is no need to feel cold or miserable camping in the winter.

The Gstove is fantastic for this application, allowing one to cook all your meals with ease. Now with the oven and additional pipe cooking space, there is no shortage of cooking space! Make a lasagna, apple pie or quiche, these are all doable on the Gstove, no need to be a culinary expert! Add a couple reindeer skins for insulation under your sleeping bag and you are all set for a wonderful fall/winter camping experience!

Far too few people balk at the idea of winter camping for fear of the cold but really if you have the right gear it is an incredible experience. Try it this winter you may soon become addicted to the beauty and ease of winter camping!

Wild Coast









No regrets with this magnificent Gstove!

We are in love with the g-stove! For those of you that have one… bet you LOVE it and for those considering a stove, get the g-stove, it is a purchase you will not regret.

It is so versatile, use it just under a tarp for camp cooking or in a shed, cottage or yes a tent!

This powerful little stove has many options too … you can buy the heat or the heat and view which has a little glass window, there is the XL heat and an XL heat and view too.

In the photos below you can see the pipe sections they come with, these sections all pack into the Gstove.

Add on a pipe oven which by the way is simply fantastic and cooking in the pipe oven is great.

The pipe oven comes in two models, one that just has a solid door and the premium version that has a glass viewing piece and a thermometer so all depending how fancy you want to be 🙂

More info on the Gstove or to purchase.

We have been trying out different recipes in the oven and so far we have had so much success. We have made lasagna which is to die for, apple pie… YES nothing better than having luxury food while camping YAY…  We have done quiche and pizza rolls. So much still to try and we keep you all updated as we go along.

Check out this video below too!

Honestly we have used our Gstove now for a couple of years and it still works as beautifully as ever not to mention the quality of this stove is second to none!

A few accesorries for the stove in pics here. Go to for more info and to purchase if you are in Canada or USA

Adventure into the New Year!

The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter, and is about as ample at one season as at another. It is as well for cheerfulness as for warmth and dryness. ~Henry David Thoreau

Another year has passed how quickly time seems to fly, almost seems to be the older one gets the faster the days slip by. So on that note we need to do more, see more, explore more as who knows when our time on this precious planet will be up.

Sitting here now looking outside I feel a yearning to get outside again, the weather has been brutal these last couple days and I am feeling very house bound! So I think we may just get out this weekend as the weather temps improve slightly and setup our tipi with a lovely wood fire.. after all there is nothing better than being outdoors, cooking meals on a wood stove and breathing in the fresh very crisp air!

Setting up the tipi tents are easy and quick and before you know it you are sitting by a nice warm stove enjoying a cuppa. If the ground is really frozen no worries a simple solution we found was just to use logs of wood to tie the guy lines down it works well no fuss or drama. Obviously if the wind is howling make sure they are heavy logs or make the effort and hammer in the pegs 🙂

To prevent any cold coming up from the ground we use emergency blankets under our cots or sleeping bags, works well and with the stove going we really stay warm. Not being a fan of the cold I have to say I have yet to have a cold night in our tipi! It is amazing how quickly the tent warms up with the stove it definitely makes camping in the winter a pleasure and not a chore!

TVD_7193a DSC00569 DSC01414 DSC01446 DSC01449 DSC01450 TVD_7115 TVD_7119 TVD_7154 TVD_7156

On our to do list this year is of course more camping with our tents, both roof top and tipi tents. Hiking, jeeping and back country camping. We are also trying to organize a trip to Iceland this year so keep an eye out for those photos! I intend to make each day count!

Here’s hoping that you all get to enjoy the winter and not feel cooped up as I have been these last couple of frigid days! So catch your breath, reflect on goals, and dream up fresh ones and share them with us we would love to hear about your adventures!

Happy New year to you all!

Winter Camping in a Varanger Camp

Varanger Camp

The most perfect way to camp in the cold months.

Don’t stop camping just because its winter… all you need is a Varanger and a wood stove for the most wonderful winter camping experience! Enjoy your camping experiences year long, there is nothing better than being outdoors, so play outside on the cold winter days and come back to a warm wood stove in a cozy Varanger, no need to huddle or shiver just relax and enjoy!

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