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Not all roof top tents are the same!

Buyer beware we have heard numerous stories of people who fall into buying rtt’s from ‘new brands’ on the Canadian market, and end up with many issues. A lot of these pop up companies are just that, they bring in a few tents flog them and then they disappear, customers are left with a bad taste in their mouths as their warranty and customer service becomes obsolete!

We were the first company in Canada to manufacture roof top tents, previously the roof top tents were all imported from companies originating in the states.

Having been in this industry since 2011 and have made many changes in the design to enhance the tent and not just cosmetically. Our fabrics are high quality waterproof ripstop no leaking, tearing or bending of frames. Customers have been out in torrential rainfalls and strong winds and our rtt’s continue to stand the test of time. Our rtt’s will be able to be passed on for generations with care.

We are proud to stand behind our tents and are always available to talk text or email promptly. We are continuously improving our tents to provide the best product possible.

Our roof top tents all come with annex room no extra charges. The zippers in annex base and cover are ykk and the window zippers sbs. All bases are extruded diamond aluminum sheathing, Mattress is covered and wick proof. Hand strap for those that like to hold onto something when get down ladder. Windows can be rolled up too. Large gear bags for shoes or clothing.

The sundog X includes many extras which is incomparable to any other rtt out there. Check out our website below to see all listed features:

Wild Coast Roof Top Tents

Any questions give us a call, text or email us we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Spring is almost here I can’t wait to get our trailer and rtt ready to explore again! We also have an incredible trip planned to Newfoundland and Labrador later this year.. so keep eye out I will be posting more details as we plan this!

Happy Week everyone and let’s hope this next winter storm will be our last one now!

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Lala Phezulu 2016

Off road, off the ground in our roof top tent!

What a incredible start to something which will now become a yearly event!

We not only have fantastic customers but now are blessed to have them as friends to, thank you to all of you that made it out to our event this year!

Next year bigger and Better…

Great setups- Robert & Cathy winning best glamping, Rod & Tia the most unique, Best battle scar to Shaun & Jenny & The best gear head went to Jim in his incredible rig!

Rod & Tia lucked out winning the draw of the frontier stove..!


Get your roof top tent and join our roof top tent family, next year dates are set for July14-16th

Join us and lets have some fun!



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You have to have Kupilka!


If you love the outdoors, be it hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, kayaking, canoeing, you name it Kupilka is the perfect gear to use for

Kupilka… simply nothing bad coming out of this country!
Eating and drinking out of Kupilka vessels and bowls with Kupilka cutlery far better than titanium, natural feel earthy and comforting.

(on the material) From the Kupilka website:

“KUPILKA products are made of a Biomaterial. The Biomaterial used for KUPILKA products is a Thermoplastic Natural Fiber Composites material. It is made up of 50% pine fiber (wood) and 50% plastic. No BPA’s
If you compare it to plastic, the benefits of Natural Fiber Composites are a better heat endurance and a higher durability thanks to the stiff structure. Another advantage when comparing the material to plastic is that it enables the use of engraving techniques. If you compare it to wood, the benefits of Natural Fiber Composites are that it doesn’t require maintenance, doesn’t “absorb” smells and is insensitive to humidity. All KUPILKA products are dishwasher safe.
KUPILKA products are also recyclable. At the end of its life-span the product can be grinded and casted again into new products. All KUPILKA packages & Label cards are made from recycled cardboard. The leather strap of KUPILKA 5 is made from Reindeer leather.”
If you are a hiker or backpacker weight is always an issue so here with the weights:
Kupilka 526 g
Kupilka 21 as “The Kuksa”: 87 g
Kupilka 55 as “The Bowl”: 180 g
Kupilka Cutlery Set as themselves: 54 g for the fantastic four (Knife & Fork á 15 g, Spoon at 18 g and the Teaspoon at 6 g)
I love how natural and earthy Kupilka looks and feels, it blends right in with the outdoors! Its light, beautiful and will last for years!
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A perfect solution to always having a way to make a fire, no matter what the weather.

This product lights in an instant… use it for your campfires, frontier Stoves, EcoZoom rocket Stove you name it this is a fantastic product especially should your gear get wet. Dunk this InstaFlam in the water and it will light without a problem.

Made from wood wool (fine shavings from the slash wood, mainly Aspen) and then coated with paraffin and compressed to form small bundles, this Canadian made product is an excellent fire starting fuel, offering easy to ignite, accessible material that has a decent burn time and will even light when wet. Pack some in your survival kit, backpack and use whenever you need a reliable fire starter.

Even after several years, this will still be fine to use.


INSTAFLAM is made of wood wool saturated with paraffin.

INSTAFLAM lights instantly, even when wet!

Burns like a candle.


Start with a single piece of INSTAFLAM fire starter; add small pieces of wood and after 1 minute and a half, add your logs

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Exploring ….

Exploring a little of the Fundy coastline ….



We decided to take a drive on some less travelled roads near along the Fundy shore and set up camp on one of the beaches we found.




We set up the Sea Shell within a few minutes literally, the ladder was even stable enough on the rocky beach. the views were amazing too!



It still amazes me how many wonderful areas there are to camp in Nova Scotia, I am not talking about the regular camp sites i mean literally finding a spot along a beach or in the backwoods, along a beat up, dusty, pot holed road, next to a forgotten no named lake. There is nothing like spending time in places like these where you will not likely bump into another soul and where all you hear are the sounds of nature,

I know the luxury of having a bathroom in the bush or on a remote beach is not there but a porta loo will do just fine for a night or two 🙂 come on you can do it 🙂 not to mention it makes getting back home to the comforts a real treat 🙂

We started out early from home to explore some back roads but along the way we found a picnic spot and decided to pull out the zoom versa and have some breakfast,

We lit the versa, popped on the bacon and watched the seals playing in the ocean while it cooked. i put the eggs in tin foil next to the bacon and in a few mins they were cooked beautifully… i still sit in fascination at how quickly it was lit and cooking our eggs and bacon, in a flash our food was done! What a fabulous stove so efficient and so easy to use, and what a treat to be able to have a good breakfast watching seals playing in the ocean.. life is good!Image