Wild Coast Overland


A Wild Coast Roof Top Tent on the Wild Coast Of Africa!

roof top tents

For those of you that brave the cold and snow in your roof top tents, you are all fabulous in my book 🙂 I prefer the winter camping in a tipi with a wood stove, we have yet to figure out a wood stove heating solution for roof top tents 🙂 Our new shipment is here do drop on by to see the new outpost and sandpiper. Our outpost and Sandpiper models… Read More

Nitinat Lake, Vancouver Island. “Nitinat Lake – is connected to the wild Pacific Ocean by a channel and this connection gives the lake “ocean-like” characteristics. For example, the lake is about 40% salt water; it is tidal – rising and falling about 5 feet during our visit (See the tideline in the second photo); it also has an abundance of Dungeness crabs, salmon, seals, sea otters, eagles, etc. Also the Carmanah Walbran… Read More

Well dust has started to fly and drill and sanders are working overtime… Before photos.. This is how it arrived to us, a wooden lid and lots of work ahead of us, but so cool never the less!   We removed the wooden lid and wooden compartments inside turned it over and started to strip off parts   We then started sanding and stripping of flaky paint and rust, we were surprised… Read More

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