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Great customers!

We are so blessed to have met so many incredible people! Customers that have become friends there is nothing better! We are leaving on a overland trip in September with great friends we met through Wild Coast Tents but more on our Nor’easter expedition later!

Herewith a few shots from a lovely couple Jessica and Jesse and their amazing dogs to inspire you! They bought a Sundog RTT and joined us at Lala Phezulu this year too. Happy travels with your two furry friends 😊

Thanks guys you rock!


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Not all roof top tents are the same!

Buyer beware we have heard numerous stories of people who fall into buying rtt’s from ‘new brands’ on the Canadian market, and end up with many issues. A lot of these pop up companies are just that, they bring in a few tents flog them and then they disappear, customers are left with a bad taste in their mouths as their warranty and customer service becomes obsolete!

We were the first company in Canada to manufacture roof top tents, previously the roof top tents were all imported from companies originating in the states.

Having been in this industry since 2011 and have made many changes in the design to enhance the tent and not just cosmetically. Our fabrics are high quality waterproof ripstop no leaking, tearing or bending of frames. Customers have been out in torrential rainfalls and strong winds and our rtt’s continue to stand the test of time. Our rtt’s will be able to be passed on for generations with care.

We are proud to stand behind our tents and are always available to talk text or email promptly. We are continuously improving our tents to provide the best product possible.

Our roof top tents all come with annex room no extra charges. The zippers in annex base and cover are ykk and the window zippers sbs. All bases are extruded diamond aluminum sheathing, Mattress is covered and wick proof. Hand strap for those that like to hold onto something when get down ladder. Windows can be rolled up too. Large gear bags for shoes or clothing.

The sundog X includes many extras which is incomparable to any other rtt out there. Check out our website below to see all listed features:

Wild Coast Roof Top Tents

Any questions give us a call, text or email us we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Spring is almost here I can’t wait to get our trailer and rtt ready to explore again! We also have an incredible trip planned to Newfoundland and Labrador later this year.. so keep eye out I will be posting more details as we plan this!

Happy Week everyone and let’s hope this next winter storm will be our last one now!

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Roof top tenting at its best!

Wild Coast Tents has a new roof top tent model called the Sundog-X!

This tent has so many added features to make your life over landing super comfy.
Thicker mattress, beefier hinges, includes a solid fly for shoulder seasons and for winter. Includes a set of LED strip lights you can put anywhere you choose.
Additional gear bag for the annex and floor to be stored in.
Additional tie down points for windy nights.
Thicker internal pole structure which means it is better for snow and wind. The poles are covered to ensure no condensation. The mattress is protected from any moisture wicking.

This tent is superb for off road enthusiasts, use this tent any time of the year!

Herewith the specs
Sleeps 2
Size: 56″W x123″L x 48″Ht. (Open)
Sleeping Footprint:56″ x 96″ (WxL)
Size: 56″W x 48″L x 12″ Ht. (Closed)
Weight: 130lbs
Trim- Yellow/Gold

Two zippered sky view windows with fabric & mesh screens in the tent body top.
Two Sky view windows in the fly. (additional solid fly INCLUDED for colder weather)

Body: Beige High Quality 300g Poly-cotton Canvas, W/R, W/P
Fly: Charcoal 420D Polyester Oxford PU 2500mm, W/P, W/R
Cover: Heavy Duty 680g PVC, UV Treated
Base:Light Weight diamond base with plastic insulation
Mattress: 75mm Mattress

Mattress cover – sides and bottom covered in vinyl to prevent moisture wicking , the top in poly cotton for comfort. Cover removable.
Pole: Aluminum Pole dia 25mm Poles covered in Fabric
Alu alloy connectors
Ladder: Aluminum Telescopic Ladder
Large Gear bag OEM with gold trim
Rod in the entry door to prevent wind flapping

LED Strip light included

Annex : Beige 420D Polyester Oxford PU 2500mm, W/P, W/R ( Seam-taped Seams)
Adjustable height 190-210cm
Bar on the annex door

Vinyl Floor with YKK Zipper
Additional tied down points at each side of door

Bungee cords with clips that wont pop off – this aids to pull in the side walls when collapsing the tent.
Screens: no-see-um mesh

Internal storage pockets to keep all your essentials handy and additional pocket at the head side for cell phones or other gear

Thicker Mattress

Solid Fly included
Travel Cover: Heavy Duty 680g 1200 Density, PVC sealed with YKK Zip, UV resistant strong.
Travel Cover Straps now stronger & thicker, no velcro attachment used, instead a stainless steel clasp, straps will not come loose.

Ladder on the inside of Annex room
Gear bag: Bag can be inserted behind or on the sides of the ladder even on the side of the base if not using the annex room Window on veranda
Cable Inlets:Two velcro-sealed cable inlets (very useful for devices powered from within your car)

Universal mounting system, fits on just about any roof rack (this is a sturdy product, please check static and dynamic load capacity of your roof rack specifications) Avoids damage by not getting in contact with the car roof and can easily be removed from roof bars.
Entrance can be mounted either to the side or the back of the vehicle

Annex Floor:64″x83″ (About37 SQFT)
Annex attachment to base: Attaches to the bottom of the tent for additional space for any use.
Removable PVC Floor which attaches to annex room base with high quality YKK Zipper and additional tie downs for high winds
Adjustable Straps for tie downs
Two entry doors as well as two windows, netting on the windows

Weight Bar and velcro strip on the bottom of the annex door to prevent wind blowing in
Additional pegs on either side of the door to prevent the annex from lifting when unzipping from the bottom.
An additional OEM window on the veranda of the tent, with zippered privacy screen window can be opened for additional ventilation

Stainless steel 304 for all mounting parts

Contact us for Sundog X pre-booking. these roof top tents will be here at the beginning of March and are going fast.

Buy a Wild Coast Roof Top Tents in Canada

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Lala Phezulu 2016

Off road, off the ground in our roof top tent!

What a incredible start to something which will now become a yearly event!

We not only have fantastic customers but now are blessed to have them as friends to, thank you to all of you that made it out to our event this year!

Next year bigger and Better…

Great setups- Robert & Cathy winning best glamping, Rod & Tia the most unique, Best battle scar to Shaun & Jenny & The best gear head went to Jim in his incredible rig!

Rod & Tia lucked out winning the draw of the frontier stove..!


Get your roof top tent and join our roof top tent family, next year dates are set for July14-16th

Join us and lets have some fun!



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Exploring Nova Scotia

We tend to forget every now and then just how beautiful our little province is! It is not hard to find beauty a stones throw away, no need to travel for miles, or get on a plane or ship… there are so many unexplored places close to home it is just a matter of getting out there and finding them!

We spent a fabulous time out on the bay of Fundy, the weather was perfect, tons of birds and seals and not a soul other than ourselves. Beautiful weather and stunning sunsets to boot it couldn’t have been more perfect. We used our roof top tent on our trailer took our kayak’s and just did not but enjoy the gorgeous scenery.. come on a photo journey with us for a few minutes 🙂

IMG_1437 IMG_1388 DSC_1834 DSC_1848 DSC_1877 TVD_7811 TVD_7775 TVD_7737 IMG_1454 IMG_1428

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Cape Breton Highlands

With our trailer loaded it was time to head out to cape Breton for a new adventure.. and adventure it was!
We left early on a Friday a gorgeous day here at home but by the time we got to the Canso causeway the rain was coming down and the wind was starting to blow

We headed up towards the Cabot trail not quite sure of our destination for the night. The dark clouds followed us and the rain kept coming down in buckets. It was starting to get late, so we decided to stop over in Inverness area for the night.

We packed up early the next morning grabbed a Tim’s YES we are Canadian 🙂 and headed off again.

We had heard so much about Cape Breton Highlands park, we had though to spend a night here but after checking out the park, it was just too open and too many campers and buses for our liking. The hiking and backpacking is great there but for roof top tenting it is not very private if you like your space as we do! So we pressed on, the scenery was incredibly gorgeous, the winds were howling, although not a cloud to be seen. The were many white caps on the ocean far more than we have ever seen on previous trips up there, it was quite a sight to see.



The skyline trail we have always driving past but since we had time on this trip we decided to do the trail, it is about 10 KMS round trip. The hike is fairly flat and not strenuous at all, when we reached the end of the trail the wind was incredibly strong blowing me right off the boardwalk. It was difficult to stand without being shoved over by the wind! Seems as though this wind and wild weather this weekend is not letting up for us.

Wind Blown On the Skyline Trail


017d93f2ede8847be3a98f46a95112744521a4c970 TVD_7502

After our hike we headed further up the Cabot Trail and decided to go as far North as we could to Meat Cove, where we had thought of spending the night. The dusty road winding its way around the hills and through the valleys. We finally arrived in Meat Cove, the name apparently derived from the years when hunters used to dress their meat in this cove! 🙂 i would imagine hunting must be good in this area as there is not much of anything other than a campsite and a few homes.

TVD_7519 TVD_7513 TVD_7512 TVD_7516 TVD_7514

It is really beautiful and there is a little restaurant where we had a crab sandwich which was out of this world divine! So if you are ever in Meat cove eat at the Chowder Hut, they have fabulous food there! It was a much need break from all the driving. We opted out from staying there as the winds coming off the ocean and cliffs were very strong and the area not at all sheltered from the constant wind. But well worth the visit and the food! And so we pressed on back up and down and round that winding dirt road back to the Cabot trail.

Once again we were running out of daylight, so we decided to stop in Ingonish. What a gorgeous beach area! i was in heaven seeing the sandy beaches but not so much in heaven with the constant wind that would not let up!

01f731b13ba65c3e6e8db5889594f043eee6d85b54 019df0642ecd7716c9303b7a2f58ba79e4d9ee06a8

The next day we headed of towards Englishtown where we spent a night or tried to…. we set up camp and as the day progressed so did that bad weather… later that night we had to pack up the tent and head out as the winds were topping 100km/the gusts even stronger. The rain was torrential. Being close to the ocean did not help us either.  Not wanting to risk the roof top tent getting damaged in the high winds. we packed up as best we could in the conditions and set out once again to find somewhere to sleep. We ended up in a motel  along the way which in turn had a power outage from the weather! Our luck sure was not improving but we were safe if nothing else.

TVD_7540 TVD_7526 TVD_7528 TVD_7535

Went for a walk near our camping spot and found a beautiful bed of moss, i think it is probably the most comfortable “bed” I have ever been on! It was bliss to chill for a bit!


After another weird stormy night we set off once again bright and early to escape the bad storm which was still raging!

The Canso Causeway was closed to all traffic over two meters, i think we just squeaked by .. never the less we traveled across the causeway with great apprehension due to the high winds and rain, waves crashing over the side of the causeway was quite a sight to behold! The jeep and trailer did well but every now and again a huge gust of wind would send us swaying!

That night we set up in near Taylor’s head provincial park, the skies were still grey but the rain had stopped the wind was relentless gusting to over 70 KM/H. Our tent was battened down all windows toggled down and tie downs in place. The tent did amazingly well no problems other than the noise of the fly and the annex room catching the wind. The trailer with the RTT on it rocked and swayed endlessly. But old faithful RTT did her thing and kept us warm and dry 🙂

018bd9664502e8613d04ab495ad441caa1414e5e60 0149d7fbd06870136094c7d7768ed76bdfe67b13db0177c506161e98946f6235dd49cbf4e870acf301fc

The next day we were up early again, the air was icy cold but the wind was STILL blowing, it is time to head home…

Breakfast on the frontier stove bacon and eggs of course, my most favorite stove to cook on while camping!! I will not go anywhere without this little stove!


Finally after travelling about 1800 kms we got back home, tired and  very wind blown! The trip was an adventure of “lets see how we can conquer the wind today” but not all was lost we saw some beautiful scenery and some really wild weather!


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Nitinat Lake, Vancouver Island.

Nitinat Lake, Vancouver Island.

“Nitinat Lake – is connected to the wild Pacific Ocean by a channel and this connection gives the lake “ocean-like” characteristics. For example, the lake is about 40% salt water; it is tidal – rising and falling about 5 feet during our visit (See the tideline in the second photo); it also has an abundance of Dungeness crabs, salmon, seals, sea otters, eagles, etc.

Also the Carmanah Walbran Valley (Home to ancient old growth Stika Spruce and Cedar trees some estimated to be over 1,000 years old) is about 20 minutes away and has great trails for hiking (3rd picture). The 4th picture is looking up between three ancient Sitka Spruce trees called the Three Sisters.

Loving the Tent. Regards, George”

Thank you George and Dawn for the fabulous photos of our beautiful Canada!





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Time spent well ….

Having a weekend away refreshes the soul.

We decided to head out Friday even though there were weather reports of doom and gloom, rain and thunderstorms… arriving at our site weather still gloomy we set up both the roof top tents in a breeze.. we had many curious fellow campers popping in and watching us set up both the tents, all amazed at the idea of a roof top tent and at the ease of setting up. Before long our beds were made …soget yourself a roof top tent if you like things to be set up fast and easily and are social as it sure does draws a crowd 🙂

ImageNext we set up the frontier stove under a tarp. A hole was made in the tarp and tent flashing kit installed,  the chimney was then inserted through it. We lit it up and before long the fire was roaring and the smoke billowing out the chimney away from us, what a pleasure not having the smoke in your face while cooking



Once the fire died down and there were a bunch of hot coals we popped in the potato’s and before long those were cooked to perfection.


The EcoZoom stoves provided us with a brilliant breakfast each morning. We decided to light them both up and even tried toast on the Dura. As always the eggs and bacon were done in a jiffy and we were feeling most spoilt with our fabulous setting.


The weather was holding out for us and sleeping on a mattress above the ground was fabulous, note to myself to bring along better pillows next time, nothing worse than a flat pillow 🙂

Sat was a fabulous day sunny and warm. we went for a nice walk exploring the park and spending time on a sandy beach by the lake. How nice to be blessed with a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters and a comfortable bed on top of our truck..  life is sweet.. thank you girls and Nick for spending the weekend with us, next time we are going to haul you into the bush for some serious camping 🙂

Have a great week all you happy campers!


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Exploring ….

Exploring a little of the Fundy coastline ….



We decided to take a drive on some less travelled roads near along the Fundy shore and set up camp on one of the beaches we found.




We set up the Sea Shell within a few minutes literally, the ladder was even stable enough on the rocky beach. the views were amazing too!



It still amazes me how many wonderful areas there are to camp in Nova Scotia, I am not talking about the regular camp sites i mean literally finding a spot along a beach or in the backwoods, along a beat up, dusty, pot holed road, next to a forgotten no named lake. There is nothing like spending time in places like these where you will not likely bump into another soul and where all you hear are the sounds of nature,

I know the luxury of having a bathroom in the bush or on a remote beach is not there but a porta loo will do just fine for a night or two 🙂 come on you can do it 🙂 not to mention it makes getting back home to the comforts a real treat 🙂

We started out early from home to explore some back roads but along the way we found a picnic spot and decided to pull out the zoom versa and have some breakfast,

We lit the versa, popped on the bacon and watched the seals playing in the ocean while it cooked. i put the eggs in tin foil next to the bacon and in a few mins they were cooked beautifully… i still sit in fascination at how quickly it was lit and cooking our eggs and bacon, in a flash our food was done! What a fabulous stove so efficient and so easy to use, and what a treat to be able to have a good breakfast watching seals playing in the ocean.. life is good!Image