Bereg Tents – UP2

Extreme winter tents – These tents can be put up in a matter of minutes which is ideal especially when it is bitter cold outside. These tents allow the user to camp at temperatures from +30 as a single layer tent or to -50 degrees Celsius, when used with the three layers and a stove.

Perfect 4 season tents

 The outer tent of tents UP Oxford 300 with moisture-repellent impregnation PU 4000 mm. Taped seams of the outer tent awning fall will create additional protection from rain.

The inner layer of tents UP Oxford 210 with moisture-repellent impregnation PU 2000. Completely duplicates the outer layer of the tent has mosquito nets on all windows, doors and is equipped with a bottom with a zipper.

Elements of the tent frame UP made of aluminum rod 10 mm alloy B95T1 (In USA analogue AA7075, in EU ENAW 7075). B95T1 is the most durable of the known aluminum alloys

The alloy has a long life, has high resistance to wind and is not subject to deformation for many years.

All the tents have a chimney with a diameter of 90 mm (3.543 in.), which allows the use of a tent with a wood stoves 

Installation of a wood stove in a tent allows you to use the up in any condition, whether it be hunting, ice fishing or general camping

Removable hinged door for easy access to the tent.

The UP tents come in three zizes

UP mini, UP2 and UP4

May your Christmas be Merry and incredible happy

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” — Edward Abbey 

Here with a few suggestions for Christmas from stuffer’s to bigger items… give the person you love a taste of the outdoors for Christmas.

Kupilka are beautifully crafted and come in really packing would make a beautiful gift for a person who loves the outdoors.Cup and Bowl

We now also  have a large range of Helle Knives FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada… hurry while stocks last these knives are super popular..

How about a Stove for those winter days when power goes out, for camping or hot tenting. We have the Emberlit, Ecozoom and Frontier stove

The Emberlit is perfect gift for the “outdoorsy” person, anyone who loves to be in the outdoors camping and enjoying all nature has to offer.

We have roof top tents available to ship countrywide at very reasonable prices. We are still offering the guy show specials so get yours before Christmas.

The Varanger tents are perfect for the both winter and summer as you can have a wood stove in the centre to keep you warm through those cold damp nights. with this tent you can now extend your camping season, no need to quit camping at any season!

It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.” — Dave Barry …. But never fear with Wild Coast Tents, you will be cozy and dry!

Winter Camping in a Varanger Camp

Varanger Camp

The most perfect way to camp in the cold months.

Don’t stop camping just because its winter… all you need is a Varanger and a wood stove for the most wonderful winter camping experience! Enjoy your camping experiences year long, there is nothing better than being outdoors, so play outside on the cold winter days and come back to a warm wood stove in a cozy Varanger, no need to huddle or shiver just relax and enjoy!

Helsport Varanger

Tipi Hunting Tents

If you want the perfect hunting tent you are looking at the best tent for this purpose.. Varanger Helsport Tipi.

We are importing these tipis from Norway, so if you are an avid outdoorsman come and see what the fuss is all about.

Varanger was crowned test winner in an extensive lavvu comparison by Norwegian outdoor magazine villmarksliv. They were designed and developed for cold temperatures and once you are in one in frigid temperatures you will be glad you decided to get a Helsport Tipi.

Helsport is a family company established in 1951. Shortly after they developed their own sleeping bags and tent range. Helsport is proud to be seen as pioneer among developers, and for having products of the highest quality.

Their goal is to develop functional and high quality equipment for protection and comfort for varying weather conditions. If you choose Helsport, they want it to contribute to more enjoyment and pleasure for you in the nature.

Tested under the most extreme conditions – these are the best references!

Helsport has equipped a large number of expeditions over many years,. By having their products tested on expeditions over an extended period of time and under extreme conditions they are given invaluable knowledge which has contributed to the development of functional and user friendly solutions, and materials/ constructions that are prepared for the unexpected weather.

The outer tent is made of a specially developed fire retardant Helsport Rainguard® which is ideal for use in lavvu. The opening has protected double zippers and fire retardant mosquito mesh. Two Helsport AirflowII® ventilation ducts combine with an internally adjustable top opening to ensure sufficient airflow inside, preventing condensation and improving air quality. The aluminium centre pole is light and makes for easy set up and the many guy line points increase stability during high winds. A drying rack is included.

These Varangers come in three sizes so you have as much or as little space as you require.

The large Varanger Camp is perfect for those muddy, snowy or rainy wet days. A new concept with a large, fully protected entry, providing shelter from bad weather, extra room, and preventing rain from coming directly into sheltered area when the entry is open. The shape of a tipi is ideal for shedding rain or snow and no additional tarps are needed to keep you dry. Strong winds are no issue as the wind blows around the tipi, not to mention there are many points on the tipi for pulling down and tightening guy lines.

Windows provide light, and can be closed from the inside. All other features from our original Varanger are included.

The Varanger is so versatile it can be taken with you on a kayak, canoe, horseback, ski doo, watching the northern lights…you name it. Easy to set up even with one person.

The Varanger and Varanger Camp come in three sizes, 4-6, 8-10 and 12-14, the difference in size between the Varanger and the Varanger Camp is that the Varanger Camp has the large protected entry.



4-6 – 13.12ft Diameter and 8.4ft high

8-10 – 15.4ft Diameter and 9.8ft high

12-14 – 18ft Diameter and 11.5ft high

Varanger Camp

With a tipi the heat is central to everyone so there are no cold spots or super-hot spots in this tent. The woodstove is placed right in the middle of the tipi therefore allowing heat to be radiated equally and right to the top as the stovepipe stays inside the tent i.e. less wood gathering but more efficient. Helsport provides a drying rack with each tent which hooks onto the tent and forms a hoop around the stove pipe making it the perfect place to hang out wet socks, gloves or anything else you need drying

The ventilation system in the Helsport eliminates condensation and makes light work of adjusting the vents from inside with a patented adjustable top-hat. So you can have as little or as much ventilation as you require.

So if you are looking for the perfect tent for your hunting season, a tent that will keep you warm in the dampness or soaking rains, if you are looking to travel with some friends or family, these Tipis are perfect… Enjoy the warmth inside there is nothing like having a cozy place to hang out in especially when the weather is not playing fair. These tipis will do the trick no matter where you venture.