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Once again the leaves have changed color, the wind is blowing them off in a hurry… fall is well on its way now and winter is lurking once again. BUT if you are a camper, don’t despair, after all there is nothing better than camping in a Helsport Dome, Pasvick, Varanger or Finnmark tent, all of which can accommodate a wood stove. These lavuu tents will keep you all cozy and warm!… Read More

At last we managed to have a weekend away with some family and do some “civilized camping” with the Varanger Camp and the Finmark. We set off to Thomas Raddall provincial park in Nova Scotia, We packed up the M101 military trailer that we restored with all our gear, what a pleasure to be able to pack up whatever we liked and have the room for it all! This trailer tracked so… Read More

I always find this time of year the toughest, I think for me the worst part being an ex South African is not seeing enough sunlight in winter… this winter seems particularly bad and full of grey cold days…snow storm after snow storm… but there is always light at the end of the tunnel… We recently shipped out a varanger camp to a customer in Ontario and received some really nice feed back… Read More

The most perfect way to camp in the cold months. Don’t stop camping just because its winter… all you need is a Varanger and a wood stove for the most wonderful winter camping experience! Enjoy your camping experiences year long, there is nothing better than being outdoors, so play outside on the cold winter days and come back to a warm wood stove in a cozy Varanger, no need to huddle or… Read More

A perfect solution to always having a way to make a fire, no matter what the weather. This product lights in an instant… use it for your campfires, frontier Stoves, EcoZoom rocket Stove you name it this is a fantastic product especially should your gear get wet. Dunk this InstaFlam in the water and it will light without a problem. Made from wood wool (fine shavings from the slash wood, mainly Aspen)… Read More

Tipi Hunting Tents If you want the perfect hunting tent you are looking at the best tent for this purpose.. Varanger Helsport Tipi. We are importing these tipis from Norway, so if you are an avid outdoorsman come and see what the fuss is all about. Varanger was crowned test winner in an extensive lavvu comparison by Norwegian outdoor magazine villmarksliv. They were designed and developed for cold temperatures and once you… Read More

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