Time for fall and winter camping!

Once again the leaves have changed color, the wind is blowing them off in a hurry… fall is well on its way now and winter is lurking once again. BUT if you are a camper, don’t despair, after all there is nothing better than camping in a Helsport Dome, Pasvick, Varanger or Finnmark tent, all of which can accommodate a wood stove. These lavuu tents will keep you all cozy and warm! Be it fall or winter these tents are so easy to set up, add a stove setup  and there is no need to feel cold or miserable camping in the winter.

The Gstove is fantastic for this application, allowing one to cook all your meals with ease. Now with the oven and additional pipe cooking space, there is no shortage of cooking space! Make a lasagna, apple pie or quiche, these are all doable on the Gstove, no need to be a culinary expert! Add a couple reindeer skins for insulation under your sleeping bag and you are all set for a wonderful fall/winter camping experience!

Far too few people balk at the idea of winter camping for fear of the cold but really if you have the right gear it is an incredible experience. Try it this winter you may soon become addicted to the beauty and ease of winter camping!

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Time out at Thomas Raddall Provincial Park Nova Scotia

At last we managed to have a weekend away with some family and do some “civilized camping” with the Varanger Camp and the Finmark.

We set off to Thomas Raddall provincial park in Nova Scotia, We packed up the M101 military trailer that we restored with all our gear, what a pleasure to be able to pack up whatever we liked and have the room for it all! This trailer tracked so well behind us we almost forgot it was there!!

Packed up and ready to roll

Packed up and ready to roll

Since we have not yet had the top made for the trailer we used a roof top tent cover from the outpost which fit beautifully just to keep the dust out of our gear!

We arrived at our site and set up camp, with the tipi tents it is very quick to set up so in no time at all we were all up and running. the Finmark is on the left of the photo below and has the inner and floor attached together as one piece. It has two entrances one on either side which is perfect for very hot nights! The Finmark can also be used without the inner/floor combination.

The varanger camp has a “porch” area and this one we set up is the 8-10 nice size and big enough for a family to comfortably camp.The varanger camp has a inner tent and floor that are separate to each other so either can be used or neither 🙂

We always use the inner tents no matter what the weather.


Our home for the weekend!

Our home for the weekend!

Inside the Varanger Camp

Finmark & Varanger Camp

Fire and Tipi Tents

Finmark & Varanger Camp Finmark and the Varanger Camp Tipi’s

Finmark & Varanger Camp

Really a beautiful campground and lovely sites!  Once unpack and sorted we took a walk to one of the many beaches, superb and not at all crowded it almost felt like we were in a tropical location except for the ice cold ocean water!

DSC01360 DSC01357DSC01265 20140627_165243_HDRDSC01209

Yes we were spoiled with our highland beef, nothing tastes better than campfire food!  And there is nothing more divine than the smell of a camp fire!

Steaks from our grassfed highlands Camp made burgers Yum!


Roasting Marshmallows

And… of course roasting marshmallows!

Exploring the beaches we saw many crabs and jelly fish that had washed up on the beaches. Lots of animal tracks too, pretty amazing how fresh the tracks were each time yet we never spotted a deer on the beach, i swear they were in stealth mode 🙂

20140627_173249 DSC01303Crab So many jelly fish on the beach!

The evening sunsets were indescribably gorgeous! how can one even put words to such tranquility

DSC01221 DSC01215 Sunset

The weekend was lovely we did lots of trails and beach walks, nothing better for the soul than a weekend with family and nature!

Packing up is always a breeze with the tipi tents,and using the M101 to haul our stuff just made light work of packing up!

Packed up IMG_1420

Cover on and almost ready to head home

Cover on and almost ready to head home

Next time….will be a weekend away doing our most favorite camping and that is simply back country camping where there is not another soul around, these are my favorite times!

-18C Camping in a Varanger Camp

I always find this time of year the toughest, I think for me the worst part being an ex South African is not seeing enough sunlight in winter… this winter seems particularly bad and full of grey cold days…snow storm after snow storm… but there is always light at the end of the tunnel…

We recently shipped out a varanger camp to a customer in Ontario and received some really nice feed back and that is enough to make my day feel sunny and warm 🙂

Spent my first practice night in the tent in the backyard.  Best sleep I’ve had in a long time.   Only got down to about -18C so not yet a true test but certainly very comfortable.  I left the tent up for a couple of days including a fairly major snowstorm and it was perfect.

Thanks Mike


Below is a photo of the top hat where the chimney exits, this vent can be opened or closed with the strings on the inside of the tent. You can also see the drying rack that comes with the tent, to hang dish cloths or socks etc.


  You can also purchase additional racks below to hold your kettle or lights or boots 🙂



The above photo shows the inner tent with a frontier Stove for heat. Attached to the frontier stove is the water heater which is super nice to always have hot water on tap. The water is heated up via the chimney and works very well. Alternatively you can go for the more expensive Helsport stove below, which works extremely efficiently.

Here is a Helsport stove being used in the Valhall tent. This tent has a spacious vestibule room big enough to accommodate table and chairs in the middle and on either end can accommodate two inner tents for additional warmth in the winter camping months. It has 6 entries and two entries with mosquito netting. Because of the numerous guy lines, like the varanger, this tent too will stand up well in howling winter storms or summer wind and rain storms.



So come on out and lets play during these cold winter months, if you love camping why stop just because its winter, here are some really cool options to be able to stay warm and enjoy the outdoors when its chilly, snowing or raining…



Winter Camping in a Varanger Camp

Varanger Camp

The most perfect way to camp in the cold months.

Don’t stop camping just because its winter… all you need is a Varanger and a wood stove for the most wonderful winter camping experience! Enjoy your camping experiences year long, there is nothing better than being outdoors, so play outside on the cold winter days and come back to a warm wood stove in a cozy Varanger, no need to huddle or shiver just relax and enjoy!


A perfect solution to always having a way to make a fire, no matter what the weather.

This product lights in an instant… use it for your campfires, frontier Stoves, EcoZoom rocket Stove you name it this is a fantastic product especially should your gear get wet. Dunk this InstaFlam in the water and it will light without a problem.

Made from wood wool (fine shavings from the slash wood, mainly Aspen) and then coated with paraffin and compressed to form small bundles, this Canadian made product is an excellent fire starting fuel, offering easy to ignite, accessible material that has a decent burn time and will even light when wet. Pack some in your survival kit, backpack and use whenever you need a reliable fire starter.

Even after several years, this will still be fine to use.


INSTAFLAM is made of wood wool saturated with paraffin.

INSTAFLAM lights instantly, even when wet!

Burns like a candle.


Start with a single piece of INSTAFLAM fire starter; add small pieces of wood and after 1 minute and a half, add your logs


Helsport Varanger

Tipi Hunting Tents

If you want the perfect hunting tent you are looking at the best tent for this purpose.. Varanger Helsport Tipi.

We are importing these tipis from Norway, so if you are an avid outdoorsman come and see what the fuss is all about.

Varanger was crowned test winner in an extensive lavvu comparison by Norwegian outdoor magazine villmarksliv. They were designed and developed for cold temperatures and once you are in one in frigid temperatures you will be glad you decided to get a Helsport Tipi.

Helsport is a family company established in 1951. Shortly after they developed their own sleeping bags and tent range. Helsport is proud to be seen as pioneer among developers, and for having products of the highest quality.

Their goal is to develop functional and high quality equipment for protection and comfort for varying weather conditions. If you choose Helsport, they want it to contribute to more enjoyment and pleasure for you in the nature.

Tested under the most extreme conditions – these are the best references!

Helsport has equipped a large number of expeditions over many years,. By having their products tested on expeditions over an extended period of time and under extreme conditions they are given invaluable knowledge which has contributed to the development of functional and user friendly solutions, and materials/ constructions that are prepared for the unexpected weather.

The outer tent is made of a specially developed fire retardant Helsport Rainguard® which is ideal for use in lavvu. The opening has protected double zippers and fire retardant mosquito mesh. Two Helsport AirflowII® ventilation ducts combine with an internally adjustable top opening to ensure sufficient airflow inside, preventing condensation and improving air quality. The aluminium centre pole is light and makes for easy set up and the many guy line points increase stability during high winds. A drying rack is included.

These Varangers come in three sizes so you have as much or as little space as you require.

The large Varanger Camp is perfect for those muddy, snowy or rainy wet days. A new concept with a large, fully protected entry, providing shelter from bad weather, extra room, and preventing rain from coming directly into sheltered area when the entry is open. The shape of a tipi is ideal for shedding rain or snow and no additional tarps are needed to keep you dry. Strong winds are no issue as the wind blows around the tipi, not to mention there are many points on the tipi for pulling down and tightening guy lines.

Windows provide light, and can be closed from the inside. All other features from our original Varanger are included.

The Varanger is so versatile it can be taken with you on a kayak, canoe, horseback, ski doo, watching the northern lights…you name it. Easy to set up even with one person.

The Varanger and Varanger Camp come in three sizes, 4-6, 8-10 and 12-14, the difference in size between the Varanger and the Varanger Camp is that the Varanger Camp has the large protected entry.



4-6 – 13.12ft Diameter and 8.4ft high

8-10 – 15.4ft Diameter and 9.8ft high

12-14 – 18ft Diameter and 11.5ft high

Varanger Camp

With a tipi the heat is central to everyone so there are no cold spots or super-hot spots in this tent. The woodstove is placed right in the middle of the tipi therefore allowing heat to be radiated equally and right to the top as the stovepipe stays inside the tent i.e. less wood gathering but more efficient. Helsport provides a drying rack with each tent which hooks onto the tent and forms a hoop around the stove pipe making it the perfect place to hang out wet socks, gloves or anything else you need drying

The ventilation system in the Helsport eliminates condensation and makes light work of adjusting the vents from inside with a patented adjustable top-hat. So you can have as little or as much ventilation as you require.

So if you are looking for the perfect tent for your hunting season, a tent that will keep you warm in the dampness or soaking rains, if you are looking to travel with some friends or family, these Tipis are perfect… Enjoy the warmth inside there is nothing like having a cozy place to hang out in especially when the weather is not playing fair. These tipis will do the trick no matter where you venture.