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Made in South Africa

As a general guideline we also suggest that you read the tent manual before you purchase one, ensuring that you are familiar with its working and the locations of its various components. It also covers fault finding extensively and should provide additional information on the fitment guidelines.

The BunduTop, our electric rooftop tent, standard size is 2100 x 1350 x 300 mm when closed, and 2100 x 1350 x 1030 mm when open.

The tent weighs about 80 kgs (the weight of the tent is 73kg, with the ladder weighing 7kg).

The tent boasts entry from any side, giving you 360 access and view. Each window/door is manufactured with the canvas on the outside and the mesh on the inside. This allows you to leave the windows open for ventilation, even in poor weather conditions.

This electric rooftop tent pitched in 30 seconds using our Pro Pitch Technology.

  • The BunduTop comes standard with an aluminium sliding ladder and 2 pockets inside to put keys, cellphones etc. and has a cigarette lighter plug and an LED light inside.
  • The roof of the BunduTop is a raw aluminium sheet to ensure maximum heat reflection and is the main reason you can sleep comfortably cool inside, even in direct sunlight.
  • The roof weighs 20 kgs and can carry additional weight of 25 kgs, if evenly spread. You are welcome to install a solar panel on top. We now include solar wiring and it simplifies the installation of a solar panel by allowing the wiring to go unseen through the tent.
  • The 2000lbs winch motor lifts and lowers the tent with the use of 3mm Dyneema rope on a pulley system.
  • The foam backed roof-lining absorbs moisture and condensation, but if you are going to extremely cold areas we do recommend putting a carpet under the mattress as insulation, as very cold temperatures creates additional condensation.
  • The frame built into the bottom of the tent provides additional strength and makes it versatile to mount. It can be bolted directly to your load bars or roof rack.
  • The mattress inside is 2000 x 1250 x 100 mm and is made from a high density foam. A double bed fitted sheet fits it just fine. This leaves enough space inside the tent so that you can leave your bedding inside.Kindly arrange your bedding so that it can’t hook into the rope system inside; flattened bedding won’t interfere.
  • Please ensure you leave some windows open or close only the mosquito net so that trapped air can escape. Trapped air will push out the canvas sides and cause it to not fold in properly when lowering the tent.
  • When entering or exiting the tent, ensure that the zips are completely zipped down as the zips/mosquito net isn’t designed to carry weight.
  • The tent has been tested extensively in various locations and weather types. In the USA it has proven to withstand 50 mph winds and has also performed well in snow.
  • In locations with extreme humidity and heat, the combination can cause extreme condensation inside the tent. This will be UNDERNEATH the mattress. If you are experiencing similar conditions, try to ventilate the tent to prevent the condensation.

Do not open the tent while the latches are still closed as this will damage the tent.

It boasts:

  • Full electric operation
  • Shade awning around all four sides of the tent
  • This electric rooftop tent is fully erect, with awnings, in 30 seconds at the press of a button
  • Tent fully closed, all sides and awnings folded away automatically in 30 seconds
  • All this at the press of a button
  • 2100 x 1350 x 300 mm closed
  • 2100 x 1350 x 1030 opened
  • Window covers zip open/closed from the inside
  • Insulated roof inside
  • All aluminium construction
  • Stainless steel supports:
    • The tent has an existing aluminium frame built into the bottom.


  • Solar wiring (see info below)
  • 100mm high density foam mattress
  • 12V outlet inside
  • LED light inside
  • All aluminium construction ladder (double sided)

Solar Wiring:

  • Since 2017 we incorporated solar wiring as a fixture with every BunduTop.
  • The wiring for the solar wiring runs underneath the roof-lining.
  • There will be a red Brad Harrison plug on the roof of the tent for easy connection to your Solar panel.
  • There will be a red Brad Harrison plug on the bottom of the tent for easy access to your vehicle’s wiring.
  • Please remember when mounting a solar panel that the max weight is 25 kg’s and the weight needs to be evenly spread – make sure the supports run the entire length of the roof.



  • Lifts or lowers at the touch of a button
  • Leave bedding inside
  • Rigged for Solar Panels
  • Has an LED light and cigarette lighter plug inside
  • Comes with our all new double sided ladder – you can specify round or square
  • Weighs approx. 80 kg’s


  • Takes up a lot of roofrack space



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