BunduAwn – The Standard 360


Standard 360 BunduAwn Size 2.45 Beige in Color

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Made in South Africa

The Standard 360


We call this awn the 360 because it wraps around your vehicle.

It comes in a 2.45, 2.75 and a 2.95 size.

Each arm has guy ropes to tie down in poor weather.

We HIGHLY recommend this profile, since the design works in triangles.

The forces spread over the triangle design gives it more rigidity and strength.

It boasts:

  • Manual operation
  • Shade awning around all three sides of the the vehicle.
  • Additional lifter arms add 500mm of drop for increased water runoff
  • Aluminized to reflect heat away
  • Cool even in direct sunlight
  • 2.45m,
  • Full aluminum construction
  • No hot air gets trapped underneath
  • This awning boasts a large surface area and custom lengths.


  • Aluminised coating reflects heat away
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Offers a huge surface area for more shade
  • Offers additional lifter arms for an increased angle that facilitates water run off.


  • You have to fold the awning correctly
  • They have to be tied down in  bad weather due to the large surface area

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