The great es’cape’-Part 2

Part 2

The day started off early, dropping off the rotties for their vacation, we then headed towards Stewiacke where we met up with Sandy and Barb.

Our convoy then headed towards Cape George, where we had to stop to see the lighthouse and of course the scenery.

Cape George lighthouse

Next, we found Steinhart distillery where we decided we had to stop for… you guessed it lunch, ok ok.. so, we caved in and bought a couple of bottles but who can blame us, this stuff is so good! The view from the site was simply beautiful too.

We headed towards Tracadie. Driving along all the backroads made today an easy, gorgeous drive reminding me how lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful place.

We were fortunate to be offered a great spot for the night on an older farm. We setup early, cracked open a cider and chilled for the evening.

Day 2 starts off waking up to a stunning morning, making our coffee and prepping a pork roast and veggies to put into the travel oven.

Roast ready in a turkey roasting bag!

We packed up and headed up towards Cape Breton with roast in oven and coffee in hand.

We found some gorgeous spots along the way as we ambled along. A stunning morning filled with endless beautiful scenery.

We headed up the Ceilidh trail stopped at another …you guessed it the Glendora distillery, this time for lunch. Absolutely beautiful.

Heading out after lunch towards Cheticamp we found several dirt roads leading to uninhabited land! Big Bertha aka the Ram 3500 dually got a little feisty in a few of the muddy cow patties, but she reveled in her new shoes and swung her hips out of those muddy ruts! Now of course all we smell when setting up the tent is a delightful “farm fragrance”

After a long day of driving and exploring we decided it was time to find a spot for the night. Driving inland towards the Margaree Forks, we came across the stunning Margaree river and decided to stay at an off grid campground called “live life in tents” a small business offering camping as well as river tubing and kayaking.

By now our roast had been cooking all day in our oven as we pulled up into camp and opened the oven, viola our food was ready!

We are hoping to go kayaking tomorrow even though it is supposed to be a crazy rain day! Reception here is awful so my apologies for a delay in updating!

The great es’cape’-Part 1

Part 1

(Credit to Barb for the title)

Landrover Defender x 110 -2022

Finally, we can head out for some much-needed R&R. This year we are still treading carefully after all the covid restrictions etc and have decided to stay in Nova Scotia and head for Cape Breton! Fortunately, our backyard is incredibly beautiful, and we don’t have to go too far for a great adventure!

We are travelling in a convoy of three vehicles comprising of:

1. Ram Dually 3500 – King Bundutop, added canopy and room and square back bunduawn with walls.

2. Ford F150 – Standard Bundutop, added canopy and half wing bunduawn.

3. Landrover Defender x 110 (2022) Standard Bundutop

All three vehicles are totally rigged out for off grid travelling and exploring., with fridges, travel ovens, hot water systems, solar panels, dual battery setups, kayaks and so much more.

We head out tomorrow for two weeks, to explore the hidden gems of Cape Breton.

Dropping off our two rotties early and head towards Cape Breton, meeting up with our great mates on the way up. First night stay not planned, in fact nothing is set in stone, let’s just see what hidden gems we will come across.

As we go along, we will be posting hopefully every two days or so if we have reception and hope you follow along and enjoy this adventure with us…

Thanks to Landrover Halifax for their excellent customer service and help getting me my Defender before our trip! The best customer service and what a fantastic rig! I just love it… contact them for your defender 🙂

Many thanks go out to Isaak Cape Breton Overlanding for helping us find some great spots in Cape Breton. He offers a self drive vehicle and will be offering tours too. He is extremely knowledgeable on Cape Breton so if you are heading up their way give him a shout!

Travel Buddy 12v Marine Oven

These incredible little ovens are on their way to us, super excited to be able to offer this incredible product in Canada made in Australia for multiple uses i.e. 4X4off roader, marine, camping and travelling enthusiasts!

After a long day exploring no need to worry about cooking dinner when you arrive, just cook a delicious meal as you travel to your destination.

The Travel Buddy is a sturdy oven that you can take anywhere. The stainless steel makes it easy to use and to clean. If your vehicle has a socket for a cigarette lighter, then there is nowhere that the Travel Buddy can’t go! Or add an Anderson plug for a more permanent setup in your rig.

Heat or cook a meal while you travel, it doesn’t matter if there are no shops around, your meal will be ready when you arrive. The Travel Buddy’s heating temperature reaches approximately 190 degrees Celsius+ after the initial warm up.

Foil containers, oven bags or small oven proof containers will all work in this oven. We are also going to have a few stainless steel trays manufactured in the near future for the buddy oven as an option.

Lasagna, pies, roasts, croissants and even apple pie, lets get creative and see all the deliciousness we can conjure up with this great little oven!


Herewith Some Helpful Cooking Tips To Get You Started from Travel Buddy Ovens Australia

“Of course if you remember or if you have the time it is always good to pre-heat the oven so pop it on for a half hour before placing food in. However most of us are not that organized and the following hints for a cold oven (pre-heating the oven will change the heating time by approximately 15-30 minutes depending on what is cooking)

Another hint is the fuller the oven the longer it will take. That is, if you have 8 pies (4 on the top and 4 on the bottom) you won’t have as much room for the hot air to move around. It may take slightly longer and you will need to rotate the pies from top to bottom at least once. With the element at the bottom of the oven it is hotter on the bottom tray.


Frozen Pie – a frozen pie placed into a cold oven will take approximately 90min.
Thawed Pie – a thawed pie placed into a cold oven will take approximately 45min.
6 Frozen Party Pies – will take approximately 45min.

Left-overs or Casseroles

One of the most common reasons people use a Travel Buddy is to heat left-overs casseroles that have been pre made. We suggest you place left-overs or casseroles into a foil baking tray (easy to get from the supermarket) and cover. The length of heating time will vary depending on what you are heating but below is an approximate guide to go by.

Thawed Left-overs – placed into a cold oven will take approximately 60min.
Frozen Left-overs – placed into a cold oven will take approximately 90min.

A Roast for 2

Yes you can cook a small roast in the Travel Buddy. Something to go by is this following –

700g rolled pork roast – ours came from the supermarket already in a foil baking dish.
2 med potatoes cut into 6-8 pieces (and we put slits into the top of each one)

Place the potatoes on and around the roast and sprinkle your favourite seasoning. Cover with foil. We put this into a cold oven and cooked for approximately 3 hours checking it once mid-way and turning the roast over. We remember to turn the oven on again when the 2 hour timer clicked off. When we got to camp we boiled some peas and dished the potatoes and extremely tender pork up. Great start to the holiday.

TIP – When cooking a roast or anything that has or will make juices, place it into an oven bag to prevent spillage.

The main thing to remember is to experiment with your cooking times, checking as you go.

Product Description

Fast Food takes on a new meaning with the Travel Buddy. This portable, lightweight, 12 volt oven can cook, bake and warm foods while you travel.
Simply load the Travel Buddy up with pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizzas hotdogs or a pre-prepared meal and plug into your vehicle, set the timer and while you are driving or parked, your meal is being heated or cooked.

Please Note: As this unit draws 10 amps, it is suggested where possible, to hardwire directly to the power supply. We have found that the female plugs in a number of vehicles are different sizes and without a firm fit, this can cause overheating in the plug.  This will NOT affect the warranty.  


– Heat a meal on the move
– Fitted with a 2 hour timer to protect from battery failure
– 12 Volt DC 10 Amp
– Insulated stainless steel
– Manufactured and designed in Australia
– 190 degrees Celsius+ after initial warm up

External Dimensions

Height 190mm
Width 320mm
Depth 280mm

Internal Dimensions

Height 100mm
Width 265mm
Depth 250mm


– Insulated Steel Body  
– 12 volt DC 10 amp 120 watts
– Fitted with 2 hour timer
– Free standing or mounted

Get yours at:




A great review from Wild touring on the Travel Buddy

Full Circle

A new member just joined Wild Coast Camping Gear… Land Rover Defender 110!

Dad always had a land rover and growing up in the bush in Africa it was a good thing he did! Remembering times of being hauled through raging rivers by oxen just yoked to the Land Rover, little shepherd boys wielding whips on the rivers banks, to guide the oxen through, how we were not washed down the river oxen and all still amazes me. We had to sit with our feet on the seat as the river water rushed into the Land Rover, at times dad sat us on the tire on the bonnet as were were pulled across the river… seat belts were not a thing back then!

My siblings and I would sit in the back of the defender bouncing off those little metal seats and banging our heads on the side windows as dad picked his way over a trail which we considered a “road”! At times dad would tell me to push down the “yellow gear” to keep our Landy in 4 wheel drive as it had a tendency to pop out at the most inopportune moments.. but that was not so easy for tiny hands!

Our Land Rover raced us to the hospital when my brother fell with a reed in his mouth and almost slit his jugular, hauled us to boarding school on those very early dark mornings getting us past rock falls and slick roads. Bounced a very pregnant mum to hospital to deliver a brother, not to mention being told to jump out of the moving Land Rover as it was sliding down the pass on ice!

Memories of our Landy conjure up the most wonderful, albeit a little scary, moments of my childhood living way off the beaten track, far from civilization, bush babies we really were! Each day was an adventure, memories that will always be treasured.

And then of course there was my first driving experience in the defender on a very muddy, slippery trail and even though i was sitting on my dads lap, that was an ultimate moment for me, so much so it has stuck with me all these years later, it is no wonder I am “stuck” on Land Rover Defenders!

So here I am years later, full circle! Finally I get my defender and although it is not the “old school” defender, it is a defender 110 which has exceeded all my expectations, I am beyond thrilled!

This Landy is going to be “topped” off with a Bundutop automatic roof top tent and a Snomaster fridge/freezer. This combo will make a very convenient, cool rig to head out into no man’s land for a night or a couple weeks! The ease of setup, with the bundutec combined with this epic Land Rover Defender X110 , will be able to take you anywhere you dream! And dream you should, we all need a time to press pause and escape this crazy world and a defender with the bundutec will make this simply a breeze.

In Dr Seuss words “oh the places you’ll go… Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way”

Stay tuned for photos and updates on this rig.

A huge shout out to Land Rover Halifax for getting me setup with this epic 2022 Defender x 110 and a specific thanks to Bill Lyon for dealing with a hundred and one questions from me! If you are in the market for a Land Rover contact Bill, he has been great to deal with and will get you in a Land Rover that will steal your heart!

Land Rover 4×4 Vehicles & Luxury SUV | Land Rover Canada


Bereg Airboats, fantastic addition to any camping, fishing or outdoor exploration enthusiast.

Bereg Airboat

The airboat from Bereg had its maiden voyage on the water yesterday!

We headed down the bear river which is a tidal river, a river with some of the highest tides in the world.

We launched the boat as the tide was coming in and started it up. The props flew in to action as we idled away from shore we hit the gas and with the incoming tide and the wind at our back we flew down the river with ease.

The gas pedal some may like we prefer the gas lever on the side, the windscreen was fantastic with no wind or water splashes hitting our faces., it even has a windshield wiper. The padded front bench seat with a backrest is comfortable and easy to adjust forward or backwards if desired, gear pockets on back of the backrest. The back bench has no backrest but a huge zippered under bench bag with multiple side pockets for gear. The steering is a breeze and maintains good control even when just idling.

The USB ports and 12V plug are great for hooking up your GPS or other gear, and it even has coffee mug holders! The two lights on the sides would be handy should you find yourself on the water at night and the two paddles are great as a backup option. Optional complete cover is available.

We clipped 48KM/H on the water, however on ice this boat tops much higher however we have yet to try it on ice

Heading back up the river against a strong incoming tide and headwinds was much slower, but to be expected and still enjoyable. The beauty of this boat is you do not need a lot of water in order to go anywhere, so in shallow rivers this boat will still get you where you want to go.

All in all this boat handled well and would definitely be an asset to get out into those unknown spots for fishing, camping or just general exploring.

These boats are continually under going improvements and development, currently we also have a Bereg catamaran for class six rapids to which we are attaching a 6HP motor so we can haul gear to a remote locations. We are very exited about these products as the Bereg gear is high end and durable, from tents to stoves to boats!


Christmas Thoughts…

Can you believe Christmas is once again almost on our doorstep.

Here are a few ideas for the loved ones in your life…
  • Sheepskins,

Beautiful for indoor decor and perfect for outdoor, camping insulation on a chair at the campfire or under your sleeping bag to keep you cozy!
  • Reindeer Hides

Reindeer hides are a very popular sleeping pad for trips in the outdoors that provide high insulation.

All the skins we sell are silicone impregnated and are intended for use in the outdoors throughout the year.

Gift Card towards one of the following

  • Bundutec Roof Top Tent automatic open and close at the push of a button, leave all your sleeping gear in the tent, Perfect camping companion.

  • Moremi Roof Top Tent opens in seconds, a great tent for two.
Arriving end of Nov Pre-orders taken now
  • Axes- A beautiful assessment of hand made axes from Russia.
  • Hectic Leisure- The perfect kitchen unit for all outdoor activities!
  • Silky Saw Big Boy
    The Silky Bigboy 2000 features a 36 cm low-angle curved blade that offers superior balance and fast cutting, as well as a rubberized cushioned handle that can be used one, or two handed. Highly portable, and featuring pull stroke cutting action, The Bigboy 2000 is a great choice for those looking for a saw for medium sized branches, limbs and smaller trunks.
  • Gstoves
    You cannot go wrong with these beautifully made stainless steel stoves, craftmanship that will last you forever.

A couple other ideas are snomaster fridge/freezers, awnings from Wild Coast or Bundutec.

All the above products can be found on the following websites

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and a prosperous 2021!


Wild Coast Camping Gear…

Camping on the bank of a tidal river- Bear River Nova Scotia

A view down the river
BunduTop and Bunduawn
Wild Coast Big Sky
Fog rolling in through from the Bay of Fundy into the Annapolis basin and down Bear river, simply gorgeous
Beautiful evening on the river bank
Setting up the area under tarp in case of rain!
This is the Bereg fireplace which has glass on both sides, a great stove that generates a lot of heat!
All set for rain should it come as forecasted 🤣Bereg large Fireplace under Bereg Tarp!
Lovely trail along the river, oppressive humidity, thankfully a little breeze coming off the water, totally beautiful though!
Hiking with awesome friends!
Feeling chilled with snomaster 😊
Stunning evening!
Perfect ending to a beautiful day!

Trailer to Truck…

So we decided to sell our trailer and focus on the F150 for our overlanding needs. Why, you may ask… well that is an easy answer, the trailer is GREAT for space, however it is such a challenge turning around on really tight trails where there is a big drop on one side and a bank on the other!

So Truck it is, now we can explore all these little trails and find cool remote areas to camp in!

We moved the BunduTop and BunduAwn onto the truck, installed the water tank and dual deep cycle battery system on top of the tanks, as well as two pumps, one for tank water and one to use for water from an external source.

The solar charge controller was installed and hooked up to the bundutop solar panel (300W)

We added a switch panel for the water pumps as well as usb ports etc.

We had to drill a hole in the cab to install the power supply to the BunduTop, viola we have the tent fully powered. We installed a separate switch for the BunduTop as well so we can switch off the power to the bundutop when we are away from vehicle.

The water tank now needs all its connectors and pipes attached so we can easily hook up the hot water to the ecotemp when needed.

Still a LOT to do, but we making progress a little each day… will update here as we go along.

We will be changing out the 360 BunduAwn for a 270 and a Bundubox later this year when our shipment arrives, covid has really messed with our shipping schedules!

The Updated Wild Coast Sandpiper Roof Top Tent

Sandpipers are now in stock!

Below are all the specs for the tent, however this will not give you the real idea of how great the tent is! Durable and strong with updated fabric to 600D poly oxford ripstop, waterproof and worry free camping!

FREE shipping in Canada to your nearest Day & Ross Hub

Inside Sandpiper roof top tent
Inside the Sandpiper Annex room
  • Tent Body: 600D rip stop Polyester oxford, W/R W/P PU 2500mm
  • Rainfly Fly: 420D rip stop Polyester Oxford PU 2500mm, W/P, W/R. Fireproof coated elevated above body of tent for better ventilation
  • Mattress: High Density 75mm,
  • Base:Light Weight diamond base with plastic insulation Alu alloy connectors
  • Mattress cover – sides and bottom covered in vinyl to prevent moisture wicking , Poly cotton top. Cover is removable.
  • Bungee cords that do not pop open- aids-pulls in the side walls when collapsing the tent.
  • Screens: no-see-um mesh Internal storage pockets to keep all your essentials handy.
  • Travel Cover: Heavy Duty 680g 1200 Density, PVC sealed with Zip, UV resistant strong.
  • Travel Cover Straps stronger, stainless steel clasp, straps will not come loose.
  • Internal Frame: Aluminium Pole dia 12″
  • Internal frame covered
  • Led light strip and bag
  • 1mm skirt around base of tent in black poly-cotton
  • Window in the Extension our OEM window
  • Ladder: Aluminium Telescopic Ladder adjustable to 2.36m
  • Ladder on the inside of Annex room
  • Gear bags: Bag can be inserted behind or on the sides of the ladder even on the side of the base if not using the annex room Window on veranda
  • Cable Inlets: Two velcro-sealed cable inlets (very useful for devices powered from within your car)
  • Pockets for window and entrance pegs to go through
  • Weight bar on the bottom to prevent the wind blowing in
  • Additional tie downs for high winds
  • Snap to hold the tent fabric in place when closing the tent
  • Adjustable Straps for tie downs
  • Annex : Orange rip stop 420D poly oxford Adjustable height 190-210cm
  • Annex Floor see attached image
  • Fabric : 420D Polyester Oxford PU 2500mm, W/P Adjustable height 1.8m-2.1m
  • Annex attachment to base and Attaches to the bottom of the tent for additional space for any use.
  • Removable PVC Floor which attaches to annex room base with high quality Zip
  • Two entry doors as well as two windows, no-see-um netting on the windows
  • 1 pcs bar on the annex door
  • An additional PVC window on the veranda of the tent, with zippered privacy screen
  • Weight Bar and velcro strip on the bottom of the annex door to prevent wind blowing in
  • Additional pegs on either side of the door to prevent the annex from lifting when unzipping from the bottom.
  • Universal mounting system, fits on just about any roof rack (this is a sturdy product, please check static and dynamic load capacity of your roof rack specifications) Avoids damage by not getting in contact with the car roof and can easily be removed from roof bars.
  • Entrance can be mounted either to the side or the back of the vehicle
  • Two extra large gear bags
  • Stainless steel 304 for all mounting parts

Wildcoasttents to see more info on our roof top tents

Our 2020 overland trip…?

Our Bedslide!

Where to even begin…..

Since we are all experiencing social distancing with covid-19 our plans have to be put on hold until all of this is under control!

We are feeling disappointed but have to follow protocol and make sure everyone stays safe, that is our main priority.

Should August roll around and covid-19 has taken a back seat we will reassess our plans, until then we all wait and watch and hope for this to be over soon.

In the meantime we are prepping our F150 for future trips, we now have a slide installed, which is awesome! Next we have to analyze the space and see what we want to put where!

We will have battery packs, inverter and solar panels set up for the Bundutec and fridge to run off , we will have more details on that coming up.

We are considering putting in a low profile snomaster instead of the regular one, so we can access the inside of the fridge a little easier.

We have a water tank we used in our trailer which i think we may move over to the truck. It holds a good amount of water for our needs. Eco temp will be hooked up for instant hot water. These units are an absolute god send!

Then the stove i think for now we will keep as a separate unit, ie. not attach to the truck on a swivel as previously thought, this way we can literally move it anywhere.

Our bundutec roof top tent stores all our sleeping gear inside when closed so no need to worry about space for bedding and pillows, easy breezy!

The rest of the gear we still have to decide how to stash neatly and efficiently.

That is about it to date, now when we will actually get out to use the gear is another story 🙂

So lets get rid of the virus, stay safe everyone and keep social distancing so we can hit the trails once more!

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