Scout Trailer Take 1…

The first weekend “real use” of the scout trailer and we have to say we are both impressed with this trailer! It tracks extremely well, so well in fact that fully loaded we had to keep looking back to see it was still there, we really did not feel this trailer at all, which makes for really easy driving and we had her loaded!



Locked and loaded 🙂 Ready to Roll!



We put a Snomaster 42s in one of the back sliders with a battery pack behind it for all the lights and the fridge. On the slider next to the fridge we made a custom box to sit on the slider so we could pack her to the hilt 🙂


Snomaster 42s

We also designed a little table top that sits on the wheel well for additional cooking space, which was tremendous!


Table top and Snomaster

We had a sundogx on the top of the scout and a 270 awning which both served their purpose more than adequately!IMG_0572


If you are looking to buy a trailer take a serious look at the Scout, they are an incredibly well built aggressive trailers

Below are our setups, a scout trailer with a sundogx and 270 awning and a F150 with a big sky and a 270 awning, lots of mods to both setups. More on the mods as we prepare for our trip in September around Labrador and Newfoundland.


A birds eye view of our site




We are in love with the g-stove! For those of you that have one… bet you LOVE it and for those considering a stove, get the g-stove, it is a purchase you will not regret.

It is so versatile, use it just under a tarp for camp cooking or in a shed, cottage or yes a tent!

This powerful little stove has many options too … you can buy the heat or the heat and view which has a little glass window, there is the XL heat and an XL heat and view too.

In the photos below you can see the pipe sections they come with, these sections all pack into the Gstove.

Add on a pipe oven which by the way is simply fantastic and cooking in the pipe oven is great.

The pipe oven comes in two models, one that just has a solid door and the premium version that has a glass viewing piece and a thermometer so all depending how fancy you want to be 🙂

More info on the Gstove or to purchase.

We have been trying out different recipes in the oven and so far we have had so much success. We have made lasagna which is to die for, apple pie… YES nothing better than having luxury food while camping YAY…  We have done quiche and pizza rolls. So much still to try and we keep you all updated as we go along.

Check out this video below too!

Honestly we have used our Gstove now for a couple of years and it still works as beautifully as ever not to mention the quality of this stove is second to none!

A few accesorries for the stove in pics here. Go to for more info and to purchase if you are in Canada or USA

SnoMaster Fridge/freezer

So overlanding has become the next greatest thing 😊 And if you love exploring then you not only need one of our fantastic roof top tents, which far surpass may others, but also a fridge/ freezer which is not often thought of as a necessity ..Having said that a good quality fridge/freezer will definitely cost you a few hard earned dollars, but a snomaster fridge/freezer will last you many many years of overlanding fun! Warranty on the compresser is 7 years this is a solid piece of equipment that we always use on each and every trip. These fridges are well worth every penny!

Check out specs on :-


  • 2 power cords one for vehicle use the other for a 120 outlet
  • Removable baskets
  • Bottle opener,
  • Remote control ,the BD/C-42 is a remote display unit-not a controller
  • LED lighting inside
  • Lockable Latches
  • Insulated transit bag which is included in price!
  • Stainless steel
  • Max amp draw of 5 amps
  • 7 Year warranty on compressor
  • 3 cooling speeds
  • 3 cut off settings so you never gave to worry about it draining your battery
  • Digital display to show battery level
  • Bottom drain
  • Reversable lid