A few ideas for the outdoor loving person in your life!

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Awesome Baylee Boats From Feathercraft

Fantastic write up below about the Baylee boats by:- Forrest McCarthy

How To Keep Your Wife Happy, Packrafting

Amy and Fryxell, Wiggins Fork River

Three easy steps to improve your marriage and allow more time on the river.

1. Get her a dry suit

Many of my first packrafting and canyoneering adventures with my wife ended wet and cold and according to her, miserable. I had a hard time convincing Amy to go on more, until her birthday, when I surprised her with the “best piece of equipment you ever got me.” It turned suffer-fests into enjoyable outings, for both of us.
Pine Creek Canyon, Zion National Park

This “best piece of equipment” was a Kokatat Gore-Tex Front Entry Dry Suit with a drop seat and socks. The drop seat makes nature breaks easier and the built-in waterproof socks keep her feet warm and happy. While significantly more expensive than neoprene ($960), the suit is significantly warmer and takes the misery out of packrafting.

Fryxell the Packrafting Pooch

2. Get a dog friendly packraft

Selling my wife on a packrafting adventure is always easier when we can bring our dog.  Having a dog in a packraft, however, is challenging. Spraydecks are not an option and dogs are often wet. In in the past I would spend most of the day sitting in a cold puddle of water. Then we got a self-bailing packraft, problem solved.
While heavier (10 pounds) and more expensive ($1,530) than my other packrafts the self-bailing BayLee makes having the dog along easy and enjoyable. Feathercraft sandwiches four inflatable chambers between a slick outer floor and rugged nylon inner floor. With permeable slots, the inflatable floor lifts the paddler out off the water while letting excess water flow through. There is a consistent puddle inside the boat yet the water level never rises above the highly comfortable seat, leaving one’s butt warm and dry. Additionally, the main tube has two separate chambers for a total of six chambers, making it a legal watercraft for places like Dinosaur National Monument.
Forrest and Fryxell
Even with Fryxell on board the Baylee is highly maneuverable and worthy of whitewater. It’s very buoyant, forgiving and with an oval shape allows rapid turning. Durable materials combined with legendary Feathercraft craftsmanship create an unique and quality packraft.
    Wiggins Fork River, Wyoming

3. Choose a scenic and fun river

Near the sleepy cow town of Dubois, Wyoming, a little known river flows gently from the wild and rugged Absaroka Range.  For most of its length the Wiggins Fork is a swift Class II+ float appropriate for novices and those with dogs. Only a couple dirt roads skirt its edges. Free of any impoundments the Wiggins Fork flows free and is normally navigable for just a few weeks in May and June. Red Hills and steep canyon walls of volcanic origin create impressive scenery. Wildlife is abundant and humans rare.
Wiggins Fork River
There’s one short but dangerous Class V/IV section that must be avoided by a two-mile cross-country portage on river right. Alternatively, a two-mile hike from the Forest Road to Double Cabin Campground allows a put-in just below the gorge.  If you paddle below the confluence with the East Fork of the Wind River be aware the land to river left is part of the Wind River Indian Reservation and belongs to the Arapahoe and Shoshone, not the Forest Service or BLM. Below the confluence also watch out for several wire fences that cross the river and could ruin your dry suit, packraft, and potentially your marriage.

May your Christmas be Merry and incredible happy

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” — Edward Abbey 

Here with a few suggestions for Christmas from stuffer’s to bigger items… give the person you love a taste of the outdoors for Christmas.

Kupilka are beautifully crafted and come in really packing would make a beautiful gift for a person who loves the outdoors.Cup and Bowl

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How about a Stove for those winter days when power goes out, for camping or hot tenting. We have the Emberlit, Ecozoom and Frontier stove

The Emberlit is perfect gift for the “outdoorsy” person, anyone who loves to be in the outdoors camping and enjoying all nature has to offer.

We have roof top tents available to ship countrywide at very reasonable prices. We are still offering the guy show specials so get yours before Christmas.

The Varanger tents are perfect for the both winter and summer as you can have a wood stove in the centre to keep you warm through those cold damp nights. with this tent you can now extend your camping season, no need to quit camping at any season!

It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.” — Dave Barry …. But never fear with Wild Coast Tents, you will be cozy and dry!


You have to have Kupilka!


If you love the outdoors, be it hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, kayaking, canoeing, you name it Kupilka is the perfect gear to use for

Kupilka… simply nothing bad coming out of this country!
Eating and drinking out of Kupilka vessels and bowls with Kupilka cutlery far better than titanium, natural feel earthy and comforting.

(on the material) From the Kupilka website:

“KUPILKA products are made of a Biomaterial. The Biomaterial used for KUPILKA products is a Thermoplastic Natural Fiber Composites material. It is made up of 50% pine fiber (wood) and 50% plastic. No BPA’s
If you compare it to plastic, the benefits of Natural Fiber Composites are a better heat endurance and a higher durability thanks to the stiff structure. Another advantage when comparing the material to plastic is that it enables the use of engraving techniques. If you compare it to wood, the benefits of Natural Fiber Composites are that it doesn’t require maintenance, doesn’t “absorb” smells and is insensitive to humidity. All KUPILKA products are dishwasher safe.
KUPILKA products are also recyclable. At the end of its life-span the product can be grinded and casted again into new products. All KUPILKA packages & Label cards are made from recycled cardboard. The leather strap of KUPILKA 5 is made from Reindeer leather.”
If you are a hiker or backpacker weight is always an issue so here with the weights:
Kupilka 526 g
Kupilka 21 as “The Kuksa”: 87 g
Kupilka 55 as “The Bowl”: 180 g
Kupilka Cutlery Set as themselves: 54 g for the fantastic four (Knife & Fork á 15 g, Spoon at 18 g and the Teaspoon at 6 g)
I love how natural and earthy Kupilka looks and feels, it blends right in with the outdoors! Its light, beautiful and will last for years!