SnowDog.. they are here!

SnowDog the best piece of equipment for all season!

This little machine with muscles of a giant ūüôā

Wild Coast Camping Gear has added this line to our already awesome line up of products, the snowdog is affordable, safe, economical, versatile, powerful , compact light and can be used year round!

This machine is not just super fun to use but is also a work horse, able to haul all your gear for ice fishing, camping off grid, firewood at home or at a cabin, it can be used to groom fat bike trails and has been used for search and rescue as well.

Add a sled, a seat and sled, cargo Semi Trailer or a sport trailer, this is the coolest machine out!

Check them out on

Time for fall and winter camping!

Once again the leaves have changed color, the wind is blowing them off in a hurry… fall is well on its way now and winter is lurking once again. BUT if you are a camper, don’t despair, after all there is nothing better than camping in a Helsport Dome, Pasvick, Varanger or Finnmark tent, all of which can accommodate a wood stove. These lavuu tents will keep you all cozy and warm! Be it fall or winter these tents are so easy to set up, add a stove setup¬† and there is no need to feel cold or miserable camping in the winter.

The Gstove is fantastic for this application, allowing one to cook all your meals with ease. Now with the oven and additional pipe cooking space, there is no shortage of cooking space! Make a lasagna, apple pie or quiche, these are all doable on the Gstove, no need to be a culinary expert! Add a couple reindeer skins for insulation under your sleeping bag and you are all set for a wonderful fall/winter camping experience!

Far too few people balk at the idea of winter camping for fear of the cold but really if you have the right gear it is an incredible experience. Try it this winter you may soon become addicted to the beauty and ease of winter camping!

Wild Coast








Varanger Dome Tents from Helsport!

Varanger Dome is suitable for larger groups or as a base camp tent.
Because of the dome shape, the walls get very steep and that creates large space and height inside.

The tent has three large entrance doors in the front where two of the have a window that gives you the feeling of inviting the nature into the tent and gives you a feeling of protection against wind and weather.

Mosquito net in the inner tent and In the front door ensures together with adjustable vents and top hat a good indoor air quality.

It is possible to light fire with an oven or burner because of the flame retardant treated material of the fabric.

Extra equipment: Inner tent Ground sheet

VarangerDomeOpenW_innertentClosed Varanger DomeFloorStove VarangerDomeOpenW_innertentOpen Varanger Dome

Inside View of Top Hat

_IGP6590 _IGP6581 _IGP6580 _IGP6578 _IGP6566

Adventure into the New Year!

The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter, and is about as ample at one season as at another. It is as well for cheerfulness as for warmth and dryness. ~Henry David Thoreau

Another year has passed how quickly time seems to fly, almost seems to be the older one gets the faster the days slip by. So on that note we need to do more, see more, explore more as who knows when our time on this precious planet will be up.

Sitting here now looking outside I feel a yearning to get outside again, the weather has been brutal these last couple days and I am feeling very house bound! So I think we may just get out this weekend as the weather temps improve slightly and setup our tipi with a lovely wood fire.. after all there is nothing better than being outdoors, cooking meals on a wood stove and breathing in the fresh very crisp air!

Setting up the tipi tents are easy and quick and before you know it you are sitting by a nice warm stove enjoying a cuppa. If the ground is really frozen no worries a simple solution we found was just to use logs of wood to tie the guy lines down it works well no fuss or drama. Obviously if the wind is howling make sure they are heavy logs or make the effort and hammer in the pegs ūüôā

To prevent any cold coming up from the ground we use emergency blankets under our cots or sleeping bags, works well and with the stove going we really stay warm. Not being a fan of the cold I have to say I have yet to have a cold night in our tipi! It is amazing how quickly the tent warms up with the stove it definitely makes camping in the winter a pleasure and not a chore!

TVD_7193a DSC00569 DSC01414 DSC01446 DSC01449 DSC01450 TVD_7115 TVD_7119 TVD_7154 TVD_7156

On our to do list this year is of course more camping with our tents, both roof top and tipi tents. Hiking, jeeping and back country camping. We are also trying to organize a trip to Iceland this year so keep an eye out for those photos! I intend to make each day count!

Here’s hoping that you all get to enjoy the winter and not feel cooped up as I have been these last couple of frigid days! So catch your breath, reflect on goals, and dream up fresh ones and share them with us we would love to hear about your adventures!

Happy New year to you all!

A few ideas for the outdoor loving person in your life!

This and so much more… pop in to our web store to see if there is anything you fancy to put under the tree … ¬†for someone special.

Time out at Thomas Raddall Provincial Park Nova Scotia

At last we managed to have a weekend away with some family and do some “civilized camping” with the Varanger Camp and the Finmark.

We set off to Thomas Raddall provincial park in Nova Scotia, We packed up the M101 military trailer that we restored with all our gear, what a pleasure to be able to pack up whatever we liked and have the room for it all! This trailer tracked so well behind us we almost forgot it was there!!

Packed up and ready to roll
Packed up and ready to roll

Since we have not yet had the top made for the trailer we used a roof top tent cover from the outpost which fit beautifully just to keep the dust out of our gear!

We arrived at our site and set up camp, with the tipi tents it is very quick to set up so in no time at all we were all up and running. the Finmark is on the left of the photo below and has the inner and floor attached together as one piece. It has two entrances one on either side which is perfect for very hot nights! The Finmark can also be used without the inner/floor combination.

The varanger camp has a “porch” area and this one we set up is the 8-10 nice size and big enough for a family to comfortably camp.The varanger camp has a inner tent and floor that are separate to each other so either can be used or neither ūüôā

We always use the inner tents no matter what the weather.


Our home for the weekend!
Our home for the weekend!

Inside the Varanger Camp

Finmark & Varanger Camp
Fire and Tipi Tents

Finmark & Varanger Camp Finmark and the Varanger Camp Tipi’s

Finmark & Varanger Camp

Really a beautiful campground and lovely sites!  Once unpack and sorted we took a walk to one of the many beaches, superb and not at all crowded it almost felt like we were in a tropical location except for the ice cold ocean water!

DSC01360 DSC01357DSC01265 20140627_165243_HDRDSC01209

Yes we were spoiled with our highland beef, nothing tastes better than campfire food!  And there is nothing more divine than the smell of a camp fire!

Steaks from our grassfed highlands Camp made burgers Yum!


Roasting Marshmallows
And… of course roasting marshmallows!

Exploring the beaches we saw many crabs and jelly fish that had washed up on the beaches. Lots of animal tracks too, pretty amazing how fresh the tracks were each time yet we never spotted a deer on the beach, i swear they were in stealth mode ūüôā

20140627_173249 DSC01303Crab So many jelly fish on the beach!

The evening sunsets were indescribably gorgeous! how can one even put words to such tranquility

DSC01221 DSC01215 Sunset

The weekend was lovely we did lots of trails and beach walks, nothing better for the soul than a weekend with family and nature!

Packing up is always a breeze with the tipi tents,and using the M101 to haul our stuff just made light work of packing up!

Packed up IMG_1420

Cover on and almost ready to head home
Cover on and almost ready to head home

Next time….will be a weekend away doing our most favorite camping and that is simply back country camping where there is not another soul around, these are my favorite times!

LY Tarp is not just a tarp!

LY Tarp

LY_Tarp_Bjarne_Heyerdal_Saetrang_3_mediumIMG_0178 LY_Tarp_Bjarne_Heyerdal_Saetrang_5_medium ly_Tarp17_medium



The lightest shelter of them all is the tarp. It can be used in any situation, from a quick lunch to a camp. With a strong and lightweight fabric, strong reflective guy lines and a creative use of trees and other natural elements, the tarp can be used in countless setups. The LY Tarp is perfect for this type of use.With guy line tensioners designed to be used around objects, and quick attach movable guy lines, the tarp can easily be modified for any campsite. A strong siliconized fabric and reinforced guy points keep the weight down, while keeping the tarp strong and durable.

– Pack bag with roll closure
– Reflective move able guy lines
– Strong guy line points with guy line collectors
– Guy line tensioners to be used around objects

Outer fabric: Helsport Super light 1000, 4000 mm



Awesome Baylee Boats From Feathercraft

Fantastic write up below about the Baylee boats by:- Forrest McCarthy

How To Keep Your Wife Happy, Packrafting

Amy and Fryxell, Wiggins Fork River

Three easy steps to improve your marriage and allow more time on the river.

1. Get her a dry suit

Many of my first packrafting and canyoneering adventures with my wife ended wet and cold and¬†according¬†to her, miserable. I had a hard time convincing Amy to go on more, until her birthday, when I surprised her with the “best piece of equipment you ever got me.” It turned suffer-fests into enjoyable outings, for both of us.
Pine Creek Canyon, Zion National Park

This “best piece of equipment” was a¬†Kokatat Gore-Tex Front Entry Dry Suit¬†with a drop seat and socks. The drop seat makes nature breaks easier and the built-in waterproof socks keep her feet warm and happy. While¬†significantly¬†more expensive than¬†neoprene¬†($960), the suit is¬†significantly warmer and takes the misery¬†out of¬†packrafting.

Fryxell the Packrafting Pooch

2. Get a dog friendly packraft

Selling my wife on a packrafting adventure is always easier when we can bring our dog.  Having a dog in a packraft, however, is challenging. Spraydecks are not an option and dogs are often wet. In in the past I would spend most of the day sitting in a cold puddle of water. Then we got a self-bailing packraft, problem solved.
While heavier (10 pounds) and more expensive ($1,530) than my other packrafts the self-bailing¬†BayLee¬†makes having the dog along easy and enjoyable. Feathercraft sandwiches four¬†inflatable¬†chambers between a slick outer floor and rugged nylon inner floor. With¬†permeable¬†slots, the inflatable floor lifts the paddler out off the water while letting excess water flow through. There is a consistent puddle inside the boat yet the water level never rises above the highly comfortable seat, leaving one’s butt warm and dry.¬†Additionally, the main tube has two¬†separate¬†chambers for a total of six chambers, making it a legal watercraft for places like¬†Dinosaur¬†National Monument.
Forrest and Fryxell
Even with Fryxell on board the Baylee is highly¬†maneuverable and worthy of whitewater. It’s very buoyant, forgiving¬†and¬†with an oval¬†shape allows¬†rapid turning. Durable materials combined with¬†legendary¬†Feathercraft¬†craftsmanship¬†create an unique and quality packraft.
    Wiggins Fork River, Wyoming

3. Choose a scenic and fun river

Near the sleepy cow town of Dubois, Wyoming, a little known river flows gently from the wild and rugged Absaroka Range.  For most of its length the Wiggins Fork is a swift Class II+ float appropriate for novices and those with dogs. Only a couple dirt roads skirt its edges. Free of any impoundments the Wiggins Fork flows free and is normally navigable for just a few weeks in May and June. Red Hills and steep canyon walls of volcanic origin create impressive scenery. Wildlife is abundant and humans rare.
Wiggins Fork River
There’s one short but dangerous Class V/IV section that must be avoided by a two-mile cross-country portage on river right. Alternatively, a two-mile hike from the Forest Road to Double Cabin Campground allows a put-in just below the gorge. ¬†If you paddle below the¬†confluence¬†with the East Fork of the Wind River be aware the land to river left is part of the Wind River Indian Reservation and belongs to the Arapahoe and Shoshone, not the Forest Service or BLM. Below the confluence also watch out for several wire fences that cross the river and could ruin your dry suit, packraft, and¬†potentially¬†your marriage.

Happy Winter Campers

Happy Campers
Happy Campers

We are really so lucky to have such incredible customers, thank you for the photos Mike!

“Last weekend we went out, just one night but we ended up travelling pretty deep into the woods.¬† Waist deep snow – thank goodness for snowshoes.¬† The tipi and the stove were a dream come true.¬† Best night sleep in months.¬† I am a convert!!!”

Varanger Camp Helsport Stove Helsport Varanger Perfect fire pit!Firefire pitVarangerVaranger Camp BackHappy Camper 

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