A few ideas for the outdoor loving person in your life!

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May your Christmas be Merry and incredible happy

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” — Edward Abbey 

Here with a few suggestions for Christmas from stuffer’s to bigger items… give the person you love a taste of the outdoors for Christmas.

Kupilka are beautifully crafted and come in really packing would make a beautiful gift for a person who loves the outdoors.Cup and Bowl

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How about a Stove for those winter days when power goes out, for camping or hot tenting. We have the Emberlit, Ecozoom and Frontier stove

The Emberlit is perfect gift for the “outdoorsy” person, anyone who loves to be in the outdoors camping and enjoying all nature has to offer.

We have roof top tents available to ship countrywide at very reasonable prices. We are still offering the guy show specials so get yours before Christmas.

The Varanger tents are perfect for the both winter and summer as you can have a wood stove in the centre to keep you warm through those cold damp nights. with this tent you can now extend your camping season, no need to quit camping at any season!

It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.” — Dave Barry …. But never fear with Wild Coast Tents, you will be cozy and dry!


Time spent well ….

Having a weekend away refreshes the soul.

We decided to head out Friday even though there were weather reports of doom and gloom, rain and thunderstorms… arriving at our site weather still gloomy we set up both the roof top tents in a breeze.. we had many curious fellow campers popping in and watching us set up both the tents, all amazed at the idea of a roof top tent and at the ease of setting up. Before long our beds were made …soget yourself a roof top tent if you like things to be set up fast and easily and are social as it sure does draws a crowd 🙂

ImageNext we set up the frontier stove under a tarp. A hole was made in the tarp and tent flashing kit installed,  the chimney was then inserted through it. We lit it up and before long the fire was roaring and the smoke billowing out the chimney away from us, what a pleasure not having the smoke in your face while cooking



Once the fire died down and there were a bunch of hot coals we popped in the potato’s and before long those were cooked to perfection.


The EcoZoom stoves provided us with a brilliant breakfast each morning. We decided to light them both up and even tried toast on the Dura. As always the eggs and bacon were done in a jiffy and we were feeling most spoilt with our fabulous setting.


The weather was holding out for us and sleeping on a mattress above the ground was fabulous, note to myself to bring along better pillows next time, nothing worse than a flat pillow 🙂

Sat was a fabulous day sunny and warm. we went for a nice walk exploring the park and spending time on a sandy beach by the lake. How nice to be blessed with a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters and a comfortable bed on top of our truck..  life is sweet.. thank you girls and Nick for spending the weekend with us, next time we are going to haul you into the bush for some serious camping 🙂

Have a great week all you happy campers!


Exploring ….

Exploring a little of the Fundy coastline ….



We decided to take a drive on some less travelled roads near along the Fundy shore and set up camp on one of the beaches we found.




We set up the Sea Shell within a few minutes literally, the ladder was even stable enough on the rocky beach. the views were amazing too!



It still amazes me how many wonderful areas there are to camp in Nova Scotia, I am not talking about the regular camp sites i mean literally finding a spot along a beach or in the backwoods, along a beat up, dusty, pot holed road, next to a forgotten no named lake. There is nothing like spending time in places like these where you will not likely bump into another soul and where all you hear are the sounds of nature,

I know the luxury of having a bathroom in the bush or on a remote beach is not there but a porta loo will do just fine for a night or two 🙂 come on you can do it 🙂 not to mention it makes getting back home to the comforts a real treat 🙂

We started out early from home to explore some back roads but along the way we found a picnic spot and decided to pull out the zoom versa and have some breakfast,

We lit the versa, popped on the bacon and watched the seals playing in the ocean while it cooked. i put the eggs in tin foil next to the bacon and in a few mins they were cooked beautifully… i still sit in fascination at how quickly it was lit and cooking our eggs and bacon, in a flash our food was done! What a fabulous stove so efficient and so easy to use, and what a treat to be able to have a good breakfast watching seals playing in the ocean.. life is good!Image


EcoZoom rocket Stove back in the woods!

EcoZoom Boiling Water

EcoZoom Boiling Water

EcoZoom in the woods

It is difficult not to love the EcoZoom Rockets stoves whether it be the Dura or the Versa. We have spent many hours cooking on theses stoves. This last weekend we took it into the woods to fire it up and see how it would work on a windy day. We collected a few twigs and a bitch of birch wood and used a firesteel to start it. It could not have been easier. Before we knew it the fire was roaring and we added a couple of bigger sticks we found lying on the ground and our little rocket stove was ready to do its thing..

I figured a cuppa tea was first order of business as who can resist a cuppa hot tea with a view overlooking the water, birds whistling in the trees eagles flying over our heads, couldn’t be a more perfect setting to have a cuppa hot tea 
The water boiled so quickly and in no time we were enjoying our tea. I quickly popped on the bacon and it was soon sizzling, I had to pull back the sticks a little to reduce the heat so it wouldn’t cook so fast. I still needed to finish my tea!

The wind was blowing but the little EcoZoom kept on going, we were not even using the metal skirt for it. Soon I popped on the eggs and in a blink they were done, breaky was made, the view gorgeous, my EcoZoom is sure to always be a loyal companion.