Day 8 …Baie-Comeau

Our campsite last night was spectacular, breathtaking scenery! We lucked out and were able to camp right on the lake.

This morning we woke up to loon calls nothing nicer than that! We had our coffee and showers and headed out for a lovely kayak paddle on this stunning lake! The water was so calm and not a soul stirred!

After our paddle we loaded up and packed up camp and headed out again. Along the windy dirt road we came across a lovely waterfall!

Finally hit civilization again uploaded the blog from yesterday and grabbed another much needed coffee.

We then headed out once again pointing our nose in the Baie-Comeau direction, more construction and more rain!

As we passed our last ferry point Godbout I had said to Peter that it looked quite windy and rough on the water and hoped I did not get motion sickness, not even five mins later the radio cracked and Sandy told us the ferry had just been canceled due to rough weather!!

So the rush was on to try and get re-booked for tomorrow morning which means we now have to back track to Godbout!

So we treat ourselves to a nice comfy bed tonight with flush loos and lots of hot water 🤣 Catch up on a bit of work and missed calls and a nice dinner 😊

An early drive back to catch ferry in Godbout tomorrow fingers crossed that the weather cooperates for us

…..over and out!

Day 7-Minganie-Port Cartier

We were up at 4:30 this morning way before we should’ve been up. The rain came pouring down just as we started packing up. We went to the excursion building paid for the trip and had a last loo run

We were all decked out in beautiful big red life jackets., that are definitely not boob friendly 😂 and as you sit down the jackets slide up and you feel like a turtle struggling to come out of your shell!

We were shuttled into a little red spreed boat with two other people and a captain. The captain did not speak much English so with our broken, very broken bits of French and his broken English and a passenger in the boat that became our translator-by free will we managed to figure it out!

We were taken out to the first island where we saw many many puffins including, razorbills, guillemots, terns, and kittiwakes

We got to spend an hour on the island where there is an old lighthouse, the puffins nest in the banks and only lay one egg each season. They usually keep the same mate every season and use the same burrow as in previous years, and believe or not they can fly up to 55mph. Very cool little guys!

Once we returned to the boat to go to the next island we were greeted by our very enthusiastic young captain who had fished out a Sea Urchin with a mop with double handles!! He had cut it open for us to taste. Surprisingly enough they are very sweet not like anything you would expect, not fishy at all. Sadly we discovered we were actually eating the reproductive organs of the sea urchins. The Japanese believe them to be a great aphrodisiac and are highly valued! Peter was trying to convince us that were eating sea urchin poop, before we figured out what our captain was actually saying….although he was the first one to try it and quite enthusiastically too.

We were then shuttled to the next island flying in our little boat, we were hitting all the waves at quite a speed bouncing around all over the place. They should offer kidney belts on the boats not life jackets to survive this trip, a lot of laughter and bouncing.

The next island we went to had the limestone monoliths and we got to spend about half an hour walking around the monoliths and exploring the beach.

Difficult to imagine that these rock formations date back almost 500 million years to a time when a warm, shallow tropical sea covered today’s St. Lawrence Lowlands region.

It was time to get back into the boat and once again we’re bounced back to the mainland this time getting soaked in the process what a hoot!o

Once back in the vehicle we headed out towards sept Iles We stopped at a little town called Riviere-aux-Tonnerre at a grocery store which actually has everything but the kitchen sink. We grabbed much needed coffee and a few munchies and headed back out on the road again

Lots of road works along the way and no cell reception at all!

Lots of rivers, waterfalls and fireweed which is still in bloom here making for a very scenic drive.

Rain again on the drive to Sept Îles hopefully it clears up before we set up camp for the night!

The BunduTop has been a dream to pack up quickly in bad weather though!

We arrived in Sept-Îles for shrimp, yay… the rain stopped and sun shone again. We went to a lovely restaurant which was recommended to us by the campsite owner in Mingan.

The food was divine, the shrimp was amazing, the scallops and snow crab excellent, to top it off we had the best coconut cream pie I have ever had! Delish

Finally reached Port Cartier went into the wildlife reserve, about 30 Kim’s off the main road.. a winding dirt road absolutely stunning scenery!

Camped at Lac Walker Campground for the night..I’ll update with details when I get reception again

Day 6 – Longue-Pointe-de- Minganie

Fantastic day, no driving chilling big time on this stunning beach location.

“Our Canadian Labradorite is considered a magical stone for those who travel and embrace the universe. Inuit peoples claim Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, transforming to the extraordinary and separating reality from unseen realms. ”

We scored the beach for these stones and found quite a few beautiful ones, almost like gold mining, it is so addictive. The water was ice cold and our fingers and toes were all bright red and frozen yet we continued 😂

We all managed to find a couple and were absolutely thrilled to find such magical blue streaks and flecks in the stones that had washed up onto the beach!

Watched a whale right from our site, hearing the air blowing out very clearly from where we were standing! A few seals curiously watched us from the water as we walked along the beach.

We walked along the boardwalk and booked a trip out early tomorrow to see the puffins and the limestone monoliths and we get to spend time on the Mingan archipelago islands.

We setup the Bereg tent, which is an extreme double walled tent, which has a built in stove jack , we setup the gstove in the tent which turned it into a furnace inside! ( possible use, sweat lodge🤣)

We took a couple of 360 photos of the inside of the tent and as fellow campers saw the setup they were very interested in our gear, so not all play!

Word spread that we were from Nova Scotia and we had a couple friendly visitors come by our fire pit to say hi. The owner is from New Brunswick and comes by on a quad to say hi with his two big dogs sitting on the front as he drives around! Pretty cool!

Tomorrow we are heading out to Sept-Iles where we are going to eat world famous shrimp! Yes, this is the place to come and eat shrimp so all of you who love shrimp take note! Yum, cannot wait to try those little buggers 🤣 we will report back! hopefully we will find a good site for the night with not too many black flies. We have all been so bitten by these nasty suckers on this trip!

Early to bed and early to rise, tomorrow we have a boat ride at 8am so we need our beauty sleep and of course have to make sure we are all packed up and ready to go!

Night night chat again tomorrow!

Below are the links to the 360 images

Inside of the Bereg Tent

Bundutec roof top tent

And a link for our big sky roof top tent

Day 5 – to Kegashka we go!

Our day started early and as we packed up the black flies and mosquitos literally ate us alive! Could not get out of there fast enough.

We stopped off at a look-off point called Baie-Johan-Beetz and literally found thousands of blueberries and had a nice early morning feast 😊 Wind blown but what a stunning day!

A long drive about 450kms through valleys that looked very similar to the Labrador tundra. At least three old style snowmobiles that seemed to abandoned along the way on the trails for some reason.

Finally we arrived at Kegashka, literally the end of the road, one restaurant in this town – surprise it was not open on Monday or Tuesday fortunately we had our own lunch so stopped near the sign to eat and change the mud flaps on our truck as the gravel was once again flying up onto our trailer, fine talcum dust was filtering into the trailer!

Kegashka is a very quaint fishing village with a population of only 120.

In winter there is a trail called the white trail which is a snowmobile takes you all the way to Blanc Sablon. 😊

There are many snowmobile bridges here the most famous is the one across the Manicouagan River, in the Baie-Comeau area. At 213 metres long (700 feet), it is the highest snowmobile bridge in the world! The trails here are exceptional and so are the rivers

There are also endless beautiful rivers for those keen on fishing, this is prime country!

Just a little more info to keep you on your toes. 🤣

The awesome foursome at the end of the road!

Heading back we started looking for a camp site for the night, the wind was howling and beach sand was flying.

We went down many side windy dusty roads and came across this Inukshuk cut out of granite, which must have been at least 10 feet tall, pretty cool but no campsite to be found.😊Stopped at an Natashquan (means where one hunts for bear) another small village population of about 265. We went into the “liquor” store to fuel up 😂 although these stores carry literally everything. I ran to snap this sign which was pretty cool, getting sand blasted in the process from the flying beach sand.

Pretty neat to think we were in Blanc Sablon last year!

Late afternoon and finally a campsite!Camping de la Plage at Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan.

Lovely spot right on the beach, stunning night and even better chats around the fire! Nothing better than going to sleep listening to the waves crashing on shore!

Day 4 – Minganie – Chilling

What another stunning morning, the fog hanging low over the gulf of St Lawrence

As we waited for the sun to burn off the mist we sat around the fire and warmed our toes drinking our morning brew!

A slow lazy day, caught up on some work, charged batteries and even washed our hair, …you may laugh but trust me this is no simple feat with our long hair! 😂

Had a long walk on the beach, the tide was out and we could walk at least 200 yards to the sandbars in very shallow ankle deep water, seals were calling out in the distance, absolutely stunning.

A strange day weather wise the mist and cold wind blowing in every now and then, however the hot sun prevailed, how privileged are we to be able to explore this gorgeous country!.

Heading out tomorrow towards Kegashka to the end of the road.

Thunderstorms predicted and small rumblings already here! Once again cold wind blowing in off the water.

Chilling round the fireplace having few drinks and many deep conversations

Barb and Sandy entertained us with an attempted jive on the grass but it looked more like the blind leading the blind …having said that it is better than anything Peter and I could or would ever attempt. A lot of laughter and fun had by all! Thanks for the entertainment guys 😂

The rain suddenly started at about 8pm so we all dashed around packing away our camp chairs and headed for cover to our tents .

Over and out another day done and dusted 😊

Day 3 – Rivière-au-Tonnerre-Minganie

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise no alarm today, sound of the waves crashing against the rocky shore. Hundreds of ducks in the still water.

As we made our way along the whale route we had to stop for some magnificent falls, with significantly more water than Churchill falls.

A lovely drive along the water with lots of small towns. We filled up with gas in Magpie, a nice attendant filled up for us with endless chatter. We stopped in at a convenience store which had everything you can imagine from food to hardware, what a great little place.

For the last couple days we have been looking for 15amp glass fuses which we could not find at any large outlets like cnd tire yet this out of the way place had them!

Our day was short due to the discovery of one off the best iOverlander sites we have yet come across.

A little dirt road with a few cottages along the way and we finally found our perfect spot.

We hurriedly unpacked and setup just so we could have down time on this gorgeous beach!

We had a fantastic day flying kites, beach walks and even a freezing cold swim which was refreshing to say the least!

Captured some drone footage, met some locals and drank sangria on the beach.

We finally managed to figure out our hot water system and yay…. no need to smell anymore or have cold water showers!

We cooked our dinner on the gstove with the cooking space! Great piece of kit!

We also managed to shoot some great footage with the 360 camera of the inside of the tents! So not just play we did a bit of work too, in our office with a view!

We are doing a two night stop here, since it is such a great setting. So lots of down time yay!

What a beautiful evening and sunset, with absolutely great friends!

Day 2 – Godbout-Riviere-Au-Tonnerre

About two hour crossing on the ferry amazing to think a river can be this big!!

Beautiful scenery, stunning beaches and lovely weather. Clocked approx 300kms, easy day!

Stopped in at a lighthouse at Baie-Trinite where they charged five bucks a person to literally walk a few couple metres, no English signs at all, kind of crazy for a government run site!

However it was beautiful we did see humpbacks right from shore, what an awesome sight watching them as we ate lunch!

Found the old abandoned provincial park and explored that a bit. so much fireweed along the way which makes for a very pretty scene.

Quite a battle finding suitable campsite for the night, lots of beach spots but crowded and full of rv,s can’t wait to get to the more remote sections!

Gorgeous endless white beaches along the way. Impressive seeing all the snow mobile and ATVs trails available to people here.

We stumbled upon a stunning bird sanctuary and thought of camping close by but landed ourselves in a bit of a pickle and got stuck in some very thick silky sand! Thankfully the boys kept their cool not spinning the wheels and digging in further they managed an excellent recovery with our heavy trailer! Thanks guys you rock!

630 pm and we were still on the hunt for a spot to camp! Most of the iOverlander site were not good at all, except for one which again was over crowded.

Finally found a place along the ocean on the side of the road, not too bad for a quick stop overnight.the moon was stunning and hundreds of duck on the water which was pretty amazing to see.

Our eco temp for hot water gave up the ghost so cold water showers it is for Peter and I … or maybe we will hijack Sandy and Barbs when they are not looking 😊

…..onwards we go, looking forward to another day exploring! Over and out

Day 1 -Drive to Matane

On the road … first stop is Matane. We are taking the ferry across the ST. Lawrence early Sat morning to Godbout Quebec.

Long stretch yesterday about a 7 hr trip to Matane. 885km done and dusted

A concoction of weather hot and sunny to dark and gloomy and pouring rain, what a start to our trip! Other than a lot of moose signs and trees for days it was an uneventful drive to say the least.

Our campsite for the night was a wooded site near a river which we found on iOverlander. A five min drive to ferry, so perfect for the night even though it was a damp one, it was a great spot for us and we had it all to ourselves! A spot of rum and we were all set for bed 😂

Up at 5 had our coffee fix, packed up and now waiting for ferry. Sun is shining once again let’s hope it stays out today!

Looking forward to some beautiful scenery today and a great camp spot tonight stay tuned for a more eventful segment tomorrow 😂

Onto the ferry we go…..

Expedition 138 FIN- Kegashka

Assemble 4 great friends add 2 F150’s, 1 trailer, 1 ferry crossing, 4 kayaks and a couple roof top tents, two port a potties and a few bog rolls.

Toss in a drone, a go pro, a couple gps’s, a hammock or two just for good measure, add a dash of adventure, a splash of crazy, lastly throw caution to the wind and toss in a hair straightener!

Gently simmer for approx 10 days but be sure to a regularly add a couple of bottles of red wine, a few shots of fireball and much laughter.

Flash a touch of skin, a bewitching glance or an alluring smile, throw your wild side into high gear and dance around the fire pit just for that extra zest!

Avoid contact with electronic devices, dip shits or any pressing deadlines as this will more than likely cause serious anaphylactic shock spoiling this dish! Bear in mind emergency services are not pleasing to the palate!

Finally add sunny skies, white sandy beaches, salty skin and hiking boots. if you would like to spice it up a bit add dash of rain, a few mosquito bites and smoke in your eyes …this will simply enhance the flavour!

Now.. enjoy this fine dish, savour each moment for this will surely be one of our best yet…and so it begins..

Happy travels … catch you on the road

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