The great es’cape’-Part 11

Part 11

Homeward bound…

We stopped in at Point Michaud near st Peter’s, an exceptional 3km beach backed by marram-covered sand dunes and large cranberry bogs. A gorgeous beach but of course it was rainy and foggy when we were there although there were a couple surfers out there

We treated ourselves to some fine dining that evening at the Bras D’Or Lakes Inn, amazing food so if you are ever in that area and you are looking for a great meal, you won’t be disappointed.. the warm goat cheese salad is especially delicious!

We travelled around Isle Madam, Janvrin Island and Petit-de-Grat island to name a few. All connected islands on the south coast of Cape Breton.

We drove through so many small seaside communities which were very unique, although I imagine, they would be brutal in winter.

Stayed at Hy class campground for the last two nights of our trip. Rain and fog have been relentless.

For supper we cooked up some samosas and spring rolls in the travel oven snd boy were they great, so crispy and good I am very impressed with the ability of this oven. We also cooked pizza and cookies! Rolling the pizza out with red wine bottle ingenious Barb!

Barb and I needed a spa day so we decided masks around fire pit would do quite nicely, a perfect way to maintain social distancing 😂

Ice cream and cookies for dessert- SnoMaster kept these perfectly frozen!

We left early the next morning had. Final breakfast together before heading off in different directions. Until next time… it has been great, plans are already brewing for our next adventure early next year, stay tuned!

Cape Breton 2021

Stats from the trip below

Ram 3500 aka Big Bertha
Ford F159 aka Salty Bones

…Over and out …