The great es’cape’-Part 10

Part 10

Today we left our epic spot on the beach, winding our way towards St Peter’s.

While scouting some side roads we found ourselves once again on a sketchy trail, the boys backed out as Big Bertha would have damaged her hips on that narrow trail and Salty Bones had to keep her company.

We continued in the defender and found ourselves with a intense 50-60ft high eroding cliff face on our right and no escape on our left, so we had no choice but to forge ahead! Thankfully we finally found a opening to turn around as backing out on that section would not have been fun, even with all the defenders cameras! Once again no photos were taken as we were too focused on getting out in one piece, but we got out pin stripes and all.

Nice open turn around spot

Once again we needed a bit of cell service to catch up on work etc so we decided to stay at Battery Provincial Park.

Our day was spent just doing chores, work, grocery shopping, hot showers what a treat …nothing epic but all essential!

While out shopping for groceries we found this quaint antique store and a collector of old fireplaces.

Later we went for a walk to the canal, tons of jellyfish floating around in the canal and fishermen getting ready to go out on their boats.

Supper was made, drinks all round and the rest of our evening was spent playing “cards against humanity” around the fire pit with many great laughs.