The great es’cape’-Part 9

Part 9

The rain finally stopped but as we headed to bed the wind picked up! Gusting at about 50km/h we jumped out the tents to be sure all the awnings were well secured, unfortunately we did not have our sand pegs with us so we went to the beach with flashlights to look for suitable rocks to put on the stakes so they wouldn’t be ripped out of the sand by the gusts of wind! That being said, both the bunduawns and the Bundutops survived the strong gusts incredibly well!

Our toilet tent got whipped and twisted, but managed to crawl into the tent to get the toilet out, thankfully we didn’t get “shit faced” in the process…all I can say is luckily there was no one around to see this disaster 😂 we managed to wrangle the toilet tent to the ground and stashed it under the truck, main thing is we lived to tell the story after all.. what a night that was! Peter got to enjoy the loo with a view this morning which made his day, when you got to go you got to go toilet tent or not!

loo with a epic view!

Daylight brought a stunning day! Coffee on the beach with a lovely sunrise.

We went for an early morning stroll down the beach reminding ourselves how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy all of this! Tons of sandpipers, osprey, and blue herons.

We took the kayaks out on the gut and enjoyed a leisurely paddle around the island and back.

Barb and I took a long walk on the beach just soaking in the sunshine after all the rain we have had! The rest of the day we chilled drinking ciders, chatting and tanning with coconut oil! Vacations are great

We saw an eagle feeding on a fresh seal carcass that washed up on the beach obviously a shark had a snack too.

Expecting high winds today again so closed up the awnings early so we don’t have to worry about them tonight.

Stunning evening picture tells it all