The great es’cape’ -Part 8

Part 8

Yesterday we had a great paddle on the Bras d’Or Lake. The venture kayaks were so great to use. Never thought I would subscribe to an inflatable kayak, but we couldn’t be happier.

We left early the next morning and headed eastwards

We stopped in a tiny town called Gaberus a population of only ninety-four! At the lighthouse we met two ladies from the town who gave us a lot of interesting information on their village, in fact there is even a documentary made on the town called “Only 78” which can be found on Amazon prime. They all contributed to a time capsule too, a quaint village.

We ventured down many side trails to see if we could find an interesting camp spot for the night.

We carried on driving to Framboise and found an epic beach to camp at, not a soul to be seen and scenery to die for! Atlantic Ocean on one side and Framboise gut on the other side.

We setup camp had lunch and went for a lovely walk on the beach, the rain insisted on spoiling our fun again but by now we are used to this wet weather! Looking forward to a gorgeous day tomorrow!

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”