The great es’cape’-Part 7

Part 7

Beautiful sunrise, having coffee on the beach this morning! Sun is shining but rain is expected later today.

We left camp at 7.30 heading towards Baddeck, stopped at a quaint little spot for breakfast called “Clucking hen” an all-chicken theme!

We picked up some butter tarts, almond tarts and a few other delectable goodies and drove towards Badddck to gas up.

Isaak from cape Breton overland gave us a few hot places of interest to visit and camp at, so we headed out to our first destination. Another trail leading to a gorgeous lake. We hurriedly setup up camp in anticipation of the rain.

Once setup we headed out for a hike, but the rain had other ideas and sent us scurrying back to camp. We saw tons of fresh moose tracks, maybe we will actually see one this weekend!

Opting for a nice hot cup of tea we chilled under the bundutec awning and walls, thankfully it’s a huge dry space!

Once again, no cell reception and not a soul to be seen!

The rain came down in buckets and it was absolutely relentless. So, we stayed inside drinking coffee, tea, making dinner, (if only we had moose steaks!) drinking ciders doing whatever we could, waiting for the rain to abate which unfortunately it did not and it continued its vengeance though-out the night!

The next morning brought more showers and fierce winds on the lake so kayaking was out of the picture again!

We went for a great hike, beautiful forest however I did manage to face plant and swallowed a horse fly but other than that it was great 😂 the woods were so thick, it always amazes me how easily a moose walks through with such ease and yet we stumble around!

We decided to pack up and head out to brighter skies and to top up with supplies.

On our way out we spotted a big black bear with her two babes, absolutely awesome!

Out of the bush into civilization for a day to catch up on work, supplies etc. So far driving 63 hours at an average of 22 km/h pretty speedy eh 😂

Stopped at the red barn for a great lunch managed to avoid chasing all the locals away with our camp smell! Bought some great wool socks there too so no more cold feet

We found a great campsite for the night a little more civilized today! We had a shower, did some laundry, and topped up our water tanks! We made stuffed peppers in the travel buddy oven which turned out fabulously and enjoyed by all!