The great es’cape’-Part 6

Part 6

After a great sleep, strong coffee, and a quick pack up we left Cape North at about 8.00 am

We headed to Meat Cove, a beautiful sunny day, with the roads winding snd twisting along the shoreline which made for a beautiful scenic drive.

Barb and I took a walk to the beach and saw a chap stuck on the beach in his van, a local fisherman was trying to help pull him out, however his diff was stuck on a huge rock, so his tires were just spinning. We called the guys and told them to drive down with one of the trucks so we could try the treads. Unfortunately, this was not enough…, so out came the bottle jack again to try lift him off the rock. Finally with a lot of gas, effort, and a pull forward from local fisherman we were able to get him out.

After all of that we needed some food, but nothing seems to open here before 11 😂 finally we found a very cute restaurant called Danena’s great food and atmosphere and very cute to boot!

On the road again we drove along the coastal loop towards Ingonish, stopped at a Co-op to pick up fresh veggies and a few munchies.

We decided to look for a spot so we could have an early afternoon camp. We found a beautiful place between Ingonish harbour and South Bay Ingonish for the night, even though the wind was ripping at least the sun was shining! We finally were able to dry our towels and air out our tents!

We spent the evening sorting out our gear flying the drones and sitting by the fire!

Peter had an oopsie moment with his drone crashing into a tree. It was stuck up high in a wild cherry tree, all to the rescue but still unable to get it down so we had to use our katana boy to cut the tree down!

Drones saved, drinks served, fire roaring, beautiful view what more do we need!