The great es’cape’-Part 5

Part 5

Our trip so far.

Today was a whole new beast, we were up early had our coffee packed up and headed out on the road by 7.06

We decided to head out to Cape Clear although the weather was rainy and very foggy. the dirt road lead us easily to cape clear however by the time we reached the area it was so misty and rainy, so that plan was changed as we wouldn’t see any view in this weather.

We turned around and headed towards Cheticamp via the back roads, and back roads they were! More like driving on a goat trail ..amazing with all the water, steep inclines and sharp rocks thank goodness we didn’t blow a tire or something worse.

The defender got to play off-road for the first time and boy was she a happy gal! Splashing in puddles, easing up rocky terrain and down steep wet hills, she was a beast in disguise! thanks again to landrover halifax for getting my rig to me in time!

A couple of times I thought we may not be able to get through to cheticamp due to the trail starting to close in on us and get extremely rough, no pics of that as we were all too focused on the trail!

Finally, we came out the other side to the relief of us all! How brutal would it have been to have to backtrack along all that craziness! We topped up with gas, had some lunch and headed out once more, this time in the direction of meat cove.

Driving along the Cabot trail was beautiful. Lots of hiking trails, waterfalls, and scenery for days!

It was getting late, so we started searching for a spot to camp. We ended up on a woods trail heading towards cape north not finding any open spots, all solid brush, and trees! eventually, we spotted a place big enough for two vehicles but not three! So, the guys got their chainsaws and axes and cleared the spot so we could get in all our rigs. Barb and I decided our best option would be to turn to Steinhart Irish cream with ice, while waiting on the guys to get the site sorted!

Once setup and dinner made the wind picked up and the cool air blew in. The black flies were hungry, so we made a fire to try and get a little relief from them! What a pleasure it is to be able to just push a button and the tent is ready, especially when it’s been a long day!

Camp for the night

Finally relaxing after an exceedingly long day on brutal trails we thought we heard a moose in the trees across from us… maybe we will get lucky and see one!

Ever since the Noco charger has been added to the 100amp lithium battery that Alberta lithium rushed to get to us, thankfully all our gear has been running well! Thanks guys

Many thanks go out to Isaak Cape Breton Overlanding for helping us find some great spots in Cape Breton. He offers a self-drive vehicle and will be offering tours too. He is extremely knowledgeable on Cape Breton so if you are heading up their way give him a shout!