The great es’cape’-Part 4

Part 4

Eeek… Started off the day with an empty battery for the freezer on top of that the unique fridge/ freezer crashed and left us with one fridge down, thanks to the two SnoMaster’s which saved the day! We changed the 67EX SnoMaster into all fridge and the smaller 42L into a freezer, managing to fit all our food into both, thankfully we had packed light on the frozen goods! However, our cold beverages had to pay the price. We needed a new battery charger for the one freezer in the defender, so we packed up and took the first road into Sydney to find a Noco genius battery charger as our last one was fried! Luckily, there was one left in Canadian tire.

We decided to have breakfast after the mad dash around and then headed out towards Englishtown. We crossed over on the Torquil MacLean ferry and headed up towards Wreck Cove. Thereafter we took highland road out to the middle of nowhere rough roads and scenery unmatched, no one but us on these roads. Huge potholes and loads of washboard sections, but well worth the slow drive.

We found Chetticamp lake at the end of a road while looking for a camp stop, we saw lovely cloud formation over us. Almost looked like angel wings!

We made camp for the night, had a quick supper, and hung out round the fire pit watching an epic chain and bolt lightning storm incredibly close to us. The wind suddenly picked up and the sky darkened even more so we all dashed to get all our chairs put away in case of a downpour, but the storm seemed to move around us not one drop of rain and an early night has by all! Lucky us!

We also saw fresh bear scat, and an abundance of wild strawberries ….so we may have visitors tonight!

an attempt at a self-timer, not so great but you get the idea!