The great es’cape’-Part 3

Part 3

Today started off as a stunning day however the pleasant weather did not last long, the rain and mist soon set in, so kayaking was off the menu.

We decided to stay one more night in the same location as we didn’t want to head out to Cape Clear on a foggy/rainy day! We setup the walls of the awning so we would have a little extra dry space to hang out. Life of luxury here.

So today became a bit of a ‘catch up day’ a bit of work, tidying up and a quick trip into Baddeck to pick up a few groceries, we had lunch at a little pub on the waterfront, which was great to escape the rain a bit!

After having checked out a spot for kayaking tomorrow, we got back to camp made a big fire to warm up, thankfully Peter offered his services as our local wood splitter. Sandy had his personal hair stylist give him a buzz. Barb and I caught up with some work and had a fireside manicure 😊

For supper we cooked wings and drumsticks on charcoal, not slumming it here.

So now we are cleaned up and ready for the next few days, or so we keep telling ourselves.

Tomorrow we head out to Cape clear and up the highland road, hope to post more, if we managed to find a bit of reception again.