The great es’cape’-Part 2

Part 2

The day started off early, dropping off the rotties for their vacation, we then headed towards Stewiacke where we met up with Sandy and Barb.

Our convoy then headed towards Cape George, where we had to stop to see the lighthouse and of course the scenery.

Cape George lighthouse

Next, we found Steinhart distillery where we decided we had to stop for… you guessed it lunch, ok ok.. so, we caved in and bought a couple of bottles but who can blame us, this stuff is so good! The view from the site was simply beautiful too.

We headed towards Tracadie. Driving along all the backroads made today an easy, gorgeous drive reminding me how lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful place.

We were fortunate to be offered a great spot for the night on an older farm. We setup early, cracked open a cider and chilled for the evening.

Day 2 starts off waking up to a stunning morning, making our coffee and prepping a pork roast and veggies to put into the travel oven.

Roast ready in a turkey roasting bag!

We packed up and headed up towards Cape Breton with roast in oven and coffee in hand.

We found some gorgeous spots along the way as we ambled along. A stunning morning filled with endless beautiful scenery.

We headed up the Ceilidh trail stopped at another …you guessed it the Glendora distillery, this time for lunch. Absolutely beautiful.

Heading out after lunch towards Cheticamp we found several dirt roads leading to uninhabited land! Big Bertha aka the Ram 3500 dually got a little feisty in a few of the muddy cow patties, but she reveled in her new shoes and swung her hips out of those muddy ruts! Now of course all we smell when setting up the tent is a delightful “farm fragrance”

After a long day of driving and exploring we decided it was time to find a spot for the night. Driving inland towards the Margaree Forks, we came across the stunning Margaree river and decided to stay at an off grid campground called “live life in tents” a small business offering camping as well as river tubing and kayaking.

By now our roast had been cooking all day in our oven as we pulled up into camp and opened the oven, viola our food was ready!

We are hoping to go kayaking tomorrow even though it is supposed to be a crazy rain day! Reception here is awful so my apologies for a delay in updating!