Bereg Airboat

The airboat from Bereg had its maiden voyage on the water yesterday!

We headed down the bear river which is a tidal river, a river with some of the highest tides in the world.

We launched the boat as the tide was coming in and started it up. The props flew in to action as we idled away from shore we hit the gas and with the incoming tide and the wind at our back we flew down the river with ease.

The gas pedal some may like we prefer the gas lever on the side, the windscreen was fantastic with no wind or water splashes hitting our faces., it even has a windshield wiper. The padded front bench seat with a backrest is comfortable and easy to adjust forward or backwards if desired, gear pockets on back of the backrest. The back bench has no backrest but a huge zippered under bench bag with multiple side pockets for gear. The steering is a breeze and maintains good control even when just idling.

The USB ports and 12V plug are great for hooking up your GPS or other gear, and it even has coffee mug holders! The two lights on the sides would be handy should you find yourself on the water at night and the two paddles are great as a backup option. Optional complete cover is available.

We clipped 48KM/H on the water, however on ice this boat tops much higher however we have yet to try it on ice

Heading back up the river against a strong incoming tide and headwinds was much slower, but to be expected and still enjoyable. The beauty of this boat is you do not need a lot of water in order to go anywhere, so in shallow rivers this boat will still get you where you want to go.

All in all this boat handled well and would definitely be an asset to get out into those unknown spots for fishing, camping or just general exploring.

These boats are continually under going improvements and development, currently we also have a Bereg catamaran for class six rapids to which we are attaching a 6HP motor so we can haul gear to a remote locations. We are very exited about these products as the Bereg gear is high end and durable, from tents to stoves to boats!