Our 2020 overland trip…?

June update…

Yes the virus is still hampering our plans, however we are pushing ahead and have finally managed to get our BunduTop moved from our trailer to our F150!

It looks awesome but a long way to go yet as all electrical still needs to be done! Then there is the space “thing” trying to figure out a specific place for everything! A bigger chore in my opinion 🤣

It looks as though we will have to take our rotten rotties with us on future trips until our kennel re-opens … which poses yet another issue! Kai pukes not a good traveller but great with people, Capone a great traveller but alas is as his namesake, impossible to ignore, not great with other people or other dogs but wanting people to adore him, even as he tries to “ruthlessly dispatch” those he has no use for so you can see our challenge!! 🤣🤣 but persevere we must!

Next we take on the water challenge in the f150… stay tuned and stay safe!