Lets talk about the Universal Tents

Universal tent with a vestibule attached

These tents are made in Russian with the best fabrics for extreme winter camping. Perfect for our North American extreme winter camper.

These tents can tolerate cold to -50c with a stove and an arctic cap.

Arctic Cap Bereg Tents

You will not get cold in these tents, they are double walled and have two chimney exits for a stove, one in the outer and one in the inner tent.

At this time these tents only come in the reed colour as it has proven to hold up better in climate tests better than the other color fabrics they have tried.

Even better these tents pop up in a matter of seconds, yes, seconds! Literally you put them up as you do an umbrella! this makes this tent ideal for a cold climate, as you do not need to take off winter gloves to put up this tent!

The outer tent of tents UP Oxford 300 with moisture-repellent impregnation PU 4000 mm. Taped seams of the outer tent awning fall will create additional protection from rain.

The inner layer of tents UP Oxford 210 with moisture-repellent impregnation PU 2000. Completely duplicates the outer layer of the tent has mosquito nets on all windows, doors and is equipped with a floor that zips in. It also includes a hard door for your tent.

Solid Door
Bereg UP 2

Elements of the tent frame UP made of aluminum rod 10 mm alloy B95T1 (In USA analogue AA7075, in EU ENAW 7075). B95T1 is the most durable of the known aluminum alloys

The alloy has a long life, has high resistance to wind and is not subject to deformation for many years.

All the tents have a chimney with a diameter of 90 mm (3.543 in.), which allows the use of a tent with a wood stoves

These tents will survive any climate thrown at them in Canada or USA, check them out you may just have met the best extreme winter camping tent yet!