Day 9…. back to Godbout!

After a great dinner with great friends we headed back for an early night.

Woke up early had breakfast and headed straight to Godbout to get on the ferry at 11, weather looks good so hopefully no more cancellations!

We have to be back in Grand Pre tomorrow before 12 to pick up our beloved 4 legged friends! So come on weather play fair!

Back through the construction paying great attention to our speed limit as those sneaky cops wait on the other side of the construction… sneaky sneaky!

We finally boarded the ferry and had a bumpy 2hr ride to Matane.

When we finally left Matane it was about 2 pm. With a decent amount of driving still ahead of us still we booted it out of there!

We drove through beautiful valleys and rolling hills of Quebec, stunning countryside

Finally we made it to New Brunswick!

However this was not the end of our adventure …as we arrived in Moncton it was about 8pm and we thought we would settle for a hotel instead of setting up camp, this was not to be though all the hotels AND campsites were fully booked! Unbeknownst to us there was a cfl game in Moncton and everything was booked up right up to Amherst! Now this is why we have a rigs for overlanding!

So once again we scoured the maps and found a spot eventually on iOverlander at Haute-du-Ruisseau Nature Park! Just a parking lot off the road but very clean and believe it or not a pit toilet that was very clean! We lucked out 😂

We literally setup our roof top tents and crawled into bed! By this time it was after 10 and we were all exhausted from a very long day!

Chilly night dropped down to 5 degrees and very damp, lots of owls calling all night, tomorrow homeward bound!