Day 6 – Longue-Pointe-de- Minganie

Fantastic day, no driving chilling big time on this stunning beach location.

“Our Canadian Labradorite is considered a magical stone for those who travel and embrace the universe. Inuit peoples claim Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, transforming to the extraordinary and separating reality from unseen realms. ”

We scored the beach for these stones and found quite a few beautiful ones, almost like gold mining, it is so addictive. The water was ice cold and our fingers and toes were all bright red and frozen yet we continued 😂

We all managed to find a couple and were absolutely thrilled to find such magical blue streaks and flecks in the stones that had washed up onto the beach!

Watched a whale right from our site, hearing the air blowing out very clearly from where we were standing! A few seals curiously watched us from the water as we walked along the beach.

We walked along the boardwalk and booked a trip out early tomorrow to see the puffins and the limestone monoliths and we get to spend time on the Mingan archipelago islands.

We setup the Bereg tent, which is an extreme double walled tent, which has a built in stove jack , we setup the gstove in the tent which turned it into a furnace inside! ( possible use, sweat lodge🤣)

We took a couple of 360 photos of the inside of the tent and as fellow campers saw the setup they were very interested in our gear, so not all play!

Word spread that we were from Nova Scotia and we had a couple friendly visitors come by our fire pit to say hi. The owner is from New Brunswick and comes by on a quad to say hi with his two big dogs sitting on the front as he drives around! Pretty cool!

Tomorrow we are heading out to Sept-Iles where we are going to eat world famous shrimp! Yes, this is the place to come and eat shrimp so all of you who love shrimp take note! Yum, cannot wait to try those little buggers 🤣 we will report back! hopefully we will find a good site for the night with not too many black flies. We have all been so bitten by these nasty suckers on this trip!

Early to bed and early to rise, tomorrow we have a boat ride at 8am so we need our beauty sleep and of course have to make sure we are all packed up and ready to go!

Night night chat again tomorrow!

Below are the links to the 360 images

Inside of the Bereg Tent

Bundutec roof top tent

And a link for our big sky roof top tent