Day 4 – Minganie – Chilling

What another stunning morning, the fog hanging low over the gulf of St Lawrence

As we waited for the sun to burn off the mist we sat around the fire and warmed our toes drinking our morning brew!

A slow lazy day, caught up on some work, charged batteries and even washed our hair, …you may laugh but trust me this is no simple feat with our long hair! 😂

Had a long walk on the beach, the tide was out and we could walk at least 200 yards to the sandbars in very shallow ankle deep water, seals were calling out in the distance, absolutely stunning.

A strange day weather wise the mist and cold wind blowing in every now and then, however the hot sun prevailed, how privileged are we to be able to explore this gorgeous country!.

Heading out tomorrow towards Kegashka to the end of the road.

Thunderstorms predicted and small rumblings already here! Once again cold wind blowing in off the water.

Chilling round the fireplace having few drinks and many deep conversations

Barb and Sandy entertained us with an attempted jive on the grass but it looked more like the blind leading the blind …having said that it is better than anything Peter and I could or would ever attempt. A lot of laughter and fun had by all! Thanks for the entertainment guys 😂

The rain suddenly started at about 8pm so we all dashed around packing away our camp chairs and headed for cover to our tents .

Over and out another day done and dusted 😊