Day 3 – Rivière-au-Tonnerre-Minganie

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise no alarm today, sound of the waves crashing against the rocky shore. Hundreds of ducks in the still water.

As we made our way along the whale route we had to stop for some magnificent falls, with significantly more water than Churchill falls.

A lovely drive along the water with lots of small towns. We filled up with gas in Magpie, a nice attendant filled up for us with endless chatter. We stopped in at a convenience store which had everything you can imagine from food to hardware, what a great little place.

For the last couple days we have been looking for 15amp glass fuses which we could not find at any large outlets like cnd tire yet this out of the way place had them!

Our day was short due to the discovery of one off the best iOverlander sites we have yet come across.

A little dirt road with a few cottages along the way and we finally found our perfect spot.

We hurriedly unpacked and setup just so we could have down time on this gorgeous beach!

We had a fantastic day flying kites, beach walks and even a freezing cold swim which was refreshing to say the least!

Captured some drone footage, met some locals and drank sangria on the beach.

We finally managed to figure out our hot water system and yay…. no need to smell anymore or have cold water showers!

We cooked our dinner on the gstove with the cooking space! Great piece of kit!

We also managed to shoot some great footage with the 360 camera of the inside of the tents! So not just play we did a bit of work too, in our office with a view!

We are doing a two night stop here, since it is such a great setting. So lots of down time yay!

What a beautiful evening and sunset, with absolutely great friends!