Day 2 – Godbout-Riviere-Au-Tonnerre

About two hour crossing on the ferry amazing to think a river can be this big!!

Beautiful scenery, stunning beaches and lovely weather. Clocked approx 300kms, easy day!

Stopped in at a lighthouse at Baie-Trinite where they charged five bucks a person to literally walk a few couple metres, no English signs at all, kind of crazy for a government run site!

However it was beautiful we did see humpbacks right from shore, what an awesome sight watching them as we ate lunch!

Found the old abandoned provincial park and explored that a bit. so much fireweed along the way which makes for a very pretty scene.

Quite a battle finding suitable campsite for the night, lots of beach spots but crowded and full of rv,s can’t wait to get to the more remote sections!

Gorgeous endless white beaches along the way. Impressive seeing all the snow mobile and ATVs trails available to people here.

We stumbled upon a stunning bird sanctuary and thought of camping close by but landed ourselves in a bit of a pickle and got stuck in some very thick silky sand! Thankfully the boys kept their cool not spinning the wheels and digging in further they managed an excellent recovery with our heavy trailer! Thanks guys you rock!

630 pm and we were still on the hunt for a spot to camp! Most of the iOverlander site were not good at all, except for one which again was over crowded.

Finally found a place along the ocean on the side of the road, not too bad for a quick stop overnight.the moon was stunning and hundreds of duck on the water which was pretty amazing to see.

Our eco temp for hot water gave up the ghost so cold water showers it is for Peter and I … or maybe we will hijack Sandy and Barbs when they are not looking 😊

…..onwards we go, looking forward to another day exploring! Over and out