Expedition 138 FIN- Kegashka

Assemble 4 great friends add 2 F150’s, 1 trailer, 1 ferry crossing, 4 kayaks and a couple roof top tents, two port a potties and a few bog rolls.

Toss in a drone, a go pro, a couple gps’s, a hammock or two just for good measure, add a dash of adventure, a splash of crazy, lastly throw caution to the wind and toss in a hair straightener!

Gently simmer for approx 10 days but be sure to a regularly add a couple of bottles of red wine, a few shots of fireball and much laughter.

Flash a touch of skin, a bewitching glance or an alluring smile, throw your wild side into high gear and dance around the fire pit just for that extra zest!

Avoid contact with electronic devices, dip shits or any pressing deadlines as this will more than likely cause serious anaphylactic shock spoiling this dish! Bear in mind emergency services are not pleasing to the palate!

Finally add sunny skies, white sandy beaches, salty skin and hiking boots. if you would like to spice it up a bit add dash of rain, a few mosquito bites and smoke in your eyes …this will simply enhance the flavour!

Now.. enjoy this fine dish, savour each moment for this will surely be one of our best yet…and so it begins..

Happy travels … catch you on the road