Nor’easter Expedition 2018 Part 9

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We once again hosed down our vehicles and trailers that were coated in mud and grime! What a mess!

The Ferry from Baie Comeau to Matane finally left , better late than never! Our French travelling buddies just made it onto the ferry in time. These guys have pretty much been doing the same route day by day as we have been!

These boots were made for walking.. but time for a siesta!
Sailor pals

French couple that seemed to be travelling the same route as us day by day!

From Matane we headed out towards New Brunswick. Beautiful forests, rivers and hills, fall is on the way, colours are starting to show on some trees. The rain refusing to release its grip on us!

Till next time Quebec hello New Brunswick…

Stopped in at Charlo for a bite to eat, got a cool tip from @fitz_55 who saw our rigs parked outside restaurant to go to the lookout spot downtown Charlo, so off we went! Thanks for the tip @fitz_55!

Wind was whipping but the rain had stopped for now although they grey clouds were still leering at us in disdain! Our trailer connection took a beating on the trans Labrador highway there must be a short in the connection, the truck keeps bleeping signals that the trailer is disconnected… but onward we push on to Kouchibouguac missing the isolation and vastness of Labrador. New Brunswick is beautiful but there is just something really special about Labrador.

Arriving at Kouchibouguac late afternoon to a wet start again, the name of the game is rain!

Setup camp, threw on some supper and made a fire, seaweed gin and tonic on the evening menu, we were ready for some serious R&R it had been an arduous day, rain continued to come down but we stood around the fire pit in our rain jackets steadfast and resilient enjoying our evening … the rain persisted the fire tried to burn, a skunk invaded our campsite and was way to friendly with our garbage.. the boys tried to refill little propane tanks I swear they are both bonkers! We eventually had had enough bedtime it was!