Nor’easters Expedition 2018 Part 7

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Wind wind wind and more wind… this is the story of another windy day 🤣

Ferry crossing windy, bumpy and bashing noises that sounded as though were we hitting rocks haha but we ended up arriving safely and everyone kept their lunch down!

Labrador – yes, windy…

The drive was rainy and overcast and of course windy but absolutely stunning scenery!

So many lakes, rivers, hills and endless wilderness, a sight to behold!

First night in Labrador we found a gravel pit of sorts to camp at. Somewhere between St Lewis and Mary’s Harbour. We had wanted to camp at Mary’s but there were no sheltered spots to hide from the wind which was sill howling!

We made camp, cooked up some food and sat by the fire, the evening was cold and clear, the crescent moon and a shooting star which made for a stunning sky. The fire crackled and the flames danced in the fire pit enticing us with a little heat but the cold soon won and we headed off to our warm beds! We all slept well and were up early the next day the buddy heater has become one of our favourite pieces of gear, nothing quite like being able to wash get dressed and have your morning meeting in the comfort of a bit of heat!

We left camp at about 9 am and headed into St Lewis – Iceberg alley.

About 28km off the highway, on a long dusty road you finally enter the beautiful remote little town of St. Lewis.

We stopped to fill up and headed out to where were told was the most easterly point of mainland Canada! This turned into an epic off road adventure filled with mud, rocks roots, very steep grades and descents and a brilliant effort by the boys to get us turned around on a spot the size of a postage stamp!

A local chap stopped by to give us each a little homemade gift and told us about life in St Lewis, gorgeous place but so isolated.

We headed out once more, dust clouds ensued! Finally made it back to the 510 to find a spot for lunch by now our stomachs were seriously in need of food!

Scenery once again vast and really indescribably beautiful. Impossible to capture on photos and words cannot do it justice.

Lots of road construction, humanity putting its ‘civilized mark on everything once again, too bad to think that future generations will not get to experience this incredible untouched beauty!

Last pit stop before Cartwright to fuel up and more coffee of course

More dust…. Did I mention the dust…?!

The road to Cartwright was ….yes, that’s right dusty…

By the way the my new drone below…..😊

Untouched beauty no one in sight, pristine lakes no cottages or signs of human activity however still no moose sightings! Mind you who could blame them if I were a moose and had all this space I wouldn’t be seen either 🤣

Rolling into Cartwright at 4pm our mission was to find a place to setup for the night, everyone was tired, the sky was grey, it has been a long interesting day! Nothing in Cartwright so once again on the road back out did I mention the dust? We finally found a spot on side of the road to camp, we opened up the trailer and truck to a sea of talcum powder dust! The trailers marker lights, wires, safety sticker and paint stripped off to bare metal, our poor little silver trailer was put through the ringer today! The scout trailer did the best with a little paint stripped on the fenders damage was minimal compared to our trailer.

The night was warm but windy, a magical sunset made for a perfect evening. Later that night the rain just poured down we hunkered down in the annex room for our morning brew before we had a very wet pack up.

We left early for Happy Valley – Goose Bay hoping to spot some moose, and thanked our lucky stars for the rain which made travelling far more pleasant … dust!

The road unpaved, potholes and washboards, clocking between 60-70km. Radio chatter once in a while between the two rigs, no cell service and our ritual daily selfies remind us of how far we are from civilization.

Still no moose only a few geese, tarmagon and grouse, a few vibrant yellow colors on the shrubbery the sign of fall on our doorstep. Inukshuk spottings once in a while, endless trees, lakes and rivers! Heavy clouds loomed in and around us threatening rain. Incredibly remote it makes one feel so small when surrounded by such an incredibly vast and untouched land.

About 140 kms before we got to Happy Valley Goose Bay we had to stop for a quick bathroom break only to discover that Sandy and Barbs rig had a blown out back window! 650kms of rough gravel roads, not surprising really… So out came the gorilla tape and a tarp to jimmy it up! Dust once more encapsulated our vehicles… as we tried to get to goose bay!

This has been one brutal stretch of road! So far we have travelled about 2500kms stopped in Happy Valley Goose Bay to fill up have a decent shower, do laundry and check email and messages and grab some fresh veggies for our dinners!

…. the adventure continued….

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