Nor’easter Expedition 2018 Part 6

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So we are either over tired or just so relaxed we don’t have a clue.. 🤣

We thought we were crossing on the ferry yesterday from St. Barbe so we headed to get organized, only to realize we were only leaving tomorrow… Bonus an extra night in Newfoundland, so off we drove up to St Anthony and stayed the night in Pistolet Campground, the wind was howling and the flames were dancing! The site opposite us had an ember blow into the base of a tree which started to catch alight! Thankfully parks people came and saved their bacon!

We setup the snow peak fire pit and table and enjoyed a perfect evening of red wine, Disarono and music what could be better than sharing this experience with two of our favourite peeps from North-Shore Overland, this adventure would not be the same without you guys!

Later that night or early morning the rain started to bucket down, but the tents held up well and we all stayed dry except when we had to pack up in the rain! Nothing fun about that, just one soggy mess!

We headed up to the L’ans Aux meadows for the morning saw the viking village and hiked around the area, stunning scenery and incredible history. How amazingly hardy those Vikings must have been to survive such extreme conditions in these shelters I sure as heck wouldn’t have liked to live like that. Just the thought of if it rained outside for two days, it would literally rain inside for three days oh no thanks!

After the Viking village we headed back to St Barb having stopped for lunch at a cute restaurant and had a delish carrot and ginger soup with beet and goat cheese salad what a treat!

We stayed at the rv park in St Barb, hardly a park more like a blob of gravel although convenient, not exactly pretty! We setup up camp to let everything dry out from night before and headed inside to eat! Boredom crept in so we decided to do a puzzle only 1000 pieces should be done by bedtime 🙂 not!

The wind howled endlessly, all night the annex and fly flapping away keeping us all awake, Needless to say daylight was welcomed as we escaped the wind, had our coffee and showers thank god we all feel slightly human again!

Now to the ferry to see what awaits us heaven knows it is going to be a wobbly ride…Gravol anyone?

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