Nor’easter update 2018 Part 5

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Well let’s see where did we leave off.. we made it off the ferry, got some gas and stopped at the visitors centre to make our bulletproof coffee

Filled with our brain food we headed off towards marble mountain for a little zip lining fun! If you have never been make the time if you are in the area, it is well worth it! Stunning waterfall and beautiful scenery to zip across not to mention such fun!

We ended up spending the night at Trout River in Gros Morne which is simply stunning, driving through the tablelands, they could have filmed Jurassic park here! The scenery is so ancient looking you almost expect a dinosaur to appear!

The next morning was stunning! How lucky we are to be able to have the chance to explore like this!

Day 3 we headed off to western brook pond to see the fresh water fjord! Words are lost on the beauty of this magnificent landscape!

Unfortunately I was made to demonstrate my skill with spoons! Needless to say I will not make a good musician 😂

That night we made camp at Portland Creek, wind was howling all night but the temperature was mild. The next morning we caught up with laundry and showers before we left ahh the power of clean hair 🤣

However still no moose spotted!

St Anthony here we come!