Nor’easter Expedition 2018 – away we go! Part 4

Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3

Chaos ensues as we managed to get the vehicle packed with last min things. First thing we did was to get our precious rotties dropped of at the kennels, having dealt with dog puke on the way I was already feeling pretty gross not to mention we literally had to climb into the kennel to coax our 130lbs male soekie to co-operate! So now smelling of dog puke and gob, covered in rottie hair and lord knows what else we are free of responsibility for two weeks!

Finally we met up with northshore overland at a pub for a quick lunch,checked and re-sorted our gear a bit, before we headed out to Sydney!

By the time arrived at the ferry terminal I was so tired of hearing Peter say ‘capture’ to his android. I think we need to abolish that word now and it is only the first day 🤣 not to mention I am beyond fascinated how on earth someone in their right mind would even come up with this … hmm perhaps I should not try and figure this one out 🤣

The ferry wait was a long and arduous wait, not much in the way of entertainment other than a stroll through cnd tire ha thrill of the day however we did find s few useful items for our trip, I know, as if we don’t already have enough packed! Next we grabbed a coffee in hopes we would stay awake, since we had all been up since crack of dawn, walked back to our vehicles in the line up and made our supper! Simply chicken salads and a couple wings but it did the trick! Finally after a bunch of failed selfies and having that’s stupid kids “baby shark doo doo ” song stuck in my head, simply overtired and ridiculous we finally got the green light to board!

We didn’t gave cabins so spent a long sleepless, in my case, night in a chair listening to a bunch of old men snoring 💤 yup, the envy was killing me, if only I could crash and snore like that 🤣

At last morning light appears and the mere thought of getting off this ferry changes my mood instantly into pure joy! It’s going to be a good day, a coffee pit stop is in order… so until tomorrow or when I have service, I bid you adieu to you and you and you 😊

It’s the end doo doo doo doo 🙄🤣