Where in the world …Wild Coast Tents!

Fantastic isn’t it..?!

We shipped our first roof top tent to South Africa and wouldn’t you know it, it ended up on the wild coast of South Africa this weekend!

Coming from South Africa myself this just thrills me beyond words 🙂 especially since there are so many roof top tent manufacturing companies in SA.

We are so proud of our roof top tents, which we have improved by leaps and bounds since 2012. Our product is simply great and although they are made with the Canadian market in mind, they are now tried and tested in South Africa too.

We stand behind our products 100%, our roof top tent customers we are proud to call our friends

Beautiful rig below now loaded up with the best roof top tent in Canada!

Stunning scenery from the Wild Coast of South Africa, a perfect place for




Any guess where in the world the next one is heading….. stay tuned for the next “where in the world wild coast tents” 🙂


Scout Overland Trailer

Now that we have put these together and have them ready for the road, we stand back and are pretty darn thrilled with the quality of these trailers.

The quality is great, they are solid and well made for off road. We added the 35 tires, which make more sense to us than smaller stock tires which make the trailer look even cooler if that’s even possible.

We have also added a beaver step on the trailer as well as two D link shackles. they have the road safety done so all you need to do is pick up and go. No one else offers this with these scout trailers. We do offer pricing without the tires and wheels if that is something you would like to do, just call for pricing on that.

We can add any RTT you like as well as a 270 Awning or a straight awning.


Fridges we offer snomaster and we have a couple models that will work well with the trailer

. bdc42s

Solar panels from snomaster we also stock which is another option to use with the trailer. or we sell a generator if you are so inclined to go that route.

The RTT can be raised to accommodate the annex room, or if you do not use the Annex you can lower the tent to whatever height is suitable for you.

There is a slide out for the generator or small fridge on one side, at the back there is one large door with two slides which can accommodate a larger fridge and or other gear you are taking. There are numerous tie down points inside of the slides. On the other side is another door with a slide out to accommodate a stove as well as a little shelf. It also comes with a little basin that pops onto the slide when the stove is out. The Frame is hot dipped galvanised steel. These trailers track incredibly well!

The tongue box is a good size for a battery or other gear.

Full size spare tire included.  electric brakes and handbrake.

Honestly a great rock solid trailer for all your off road needs.

Call or email with any questions you may have on the Scout Trailer we are here to help!

9024670250  or email rtt@wildcoasttents.com