Varanger Dome Tents from Helsport!

Varanger Dome is suitable for larger groups or as a base camp tent.
Because of the dome shape, the walls get very steep and that creates large space and height inside.

The tent has three large entrance doors in the front where two of the have a window that gives you the feeling of inviting the nature into the tent and gives you a feeling of protection against wind and weather.

Mosquito net in the inner tent and In the front door ensures together with adjustable vents and top hat a good indoor air quality.

It is possible to light fire with an oven or burner because of the flame retardant treated material of the fabric.

Extra equipment: Inner tent Ground sheet

VarangerDomeOpenW_innertentClosed Varanger DomeFloorStove VarangerDomeOpenW_innertentOpen Varanger Dome

Inside View of Top Hat

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