Adventure into the New Year!

Another year has passed how quickly time seems to fly, almost seems to be the older one gets the faster the days slip by. So on that note we need to do more, see more, explore more as who knows when our time on this precious planet will be up.

Sitting here now looking outside I feel a yearning to get outside again, the weather has been brutal these last couple days and I am feeling very house bound! So I think we may just get out this weekend as the weather temps improve slightly and setup our tipi with a lovely wood fire.. after all there is nothing better than being outdoors, cooking meals on a wood stove and breathing in the fresh very crisp air!

Setting up the tipi tents are easy and quick and before you know it you are sitting by a nice warm stove enjoying a cuppa. If the ground is really frozen no worries a simple solution we found was just to use logs of wood to tie the guy lines down it works well no fuss or drama. Obviously if the wind is howling make sure they are heavy logs or make the effort and hammer in the pegs 🙂

To prevent any cold coming up from the ground we use emergency blankets under our cots or sleeping bags, works well and with the stove going we really stay warm. Not being a fan of the cold I have to say I have yet to have a cold night in our tipi! It is amazing how quickly the tent warms up with the stove it definitely makes camping in the winter a pleasure and not a chore!

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On our to do list this year is of course more camping with our tents, both roof top and tipi tents. Hiking, jeeping and back country camping. We are also trying to organize a trip to Iceland this year so keep an eye out for those photos! I intend to make each day count!

Here’s hoping that you all get to enjoy the winter and not feel cooped up as I have been these last couple of frigid days! So catch your breath, reflect on goals, and dream up fresh ones and share them with us we would love to hear about your adventures!

Happy New year to you all!