Project M101 has begun…

Well dust has started to fly and drill and sanders are working overtime…

Before photos..


This is how it arrived to us, a wooden lid and lots of work ahead of us, but so cool never the less!



  •   We removed the wooden lid and wooden compartments inside turned it over and started to strip off parts
  •   We then started sanding and stripping of flaky paint and rust, we were surprised at how little rust there was, the base had been undercoated so that was just dirty but rust free.



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Still a lot more cleaning up to do of rust and old paint but i think this is going to look pretty spectacular when done… then we have another two, in the pot below, to do… 🙂 looks like we are suckers for punishment!


Today we did some painting of the parts below, we also painted the rims on the tires still have to post photos of those.
Tomorrow the fun job of undercoating begins 🙁

Today June 19 – we started to paint a first coat on the axle and the springs


Put the tires back on and have decided to do the undercoating once all the wiring is redone.

This is shaping up nicely and is super solid!



Undercoating is done and now it is off to get painted and re-wired!


Painted and re-wired looking absolutely awesome! Next step is to get the cover on and a roof top tent..


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LY Tarp is not just a tarp!

LY Tarp

LY_Tarp_Bjarne_Heyerdal_Saetrang_3_mediumIMG_0178 LY_Tarp_Bjarne_Heyerdal_Saetrang_5_medium ly_Tarp17_medium



The lightest shelter of them all is the tarp. It can be used in any situation, from a quick lunch to a camp. With a strong and lightweight fabric, strong reflective guy lines and a creative use of trees and other natural elements, the tarp can be used in countless setups. The LY Tarp is perfect for this type of use.With guy line tensioners designed to be used around objects, and quick attach movable guy lines, the tarp can easily be modified for any campsite. A strong siliconized fabric and reinforced guy points keep the weight down, while keeping the tarp strong and durable.

– Pack bag with roll closure
– Reflective move able guy lines
– Strong guy line points with guy line collectors
– Guy line tensioners to be used around objects

Outer fabric: Helsport Super light 1000, 4000 mm



M101 Military Trailers

Well another project on the go.. we lucked out and found three military M101 trailers which we are going to spruce up and put a roof top tent on. There has been such keen interest in these trailers to be used with a roof top tent. These trailers are ideal for off road trails too, pack up your gear and hit the road, what could be better than that! Below is the original photo, we are going to paint, re-wire add a top cover and a roof top tent. These trailers are very solid, have no dents nor any serious damage. We will update with photos and detail as we progress. if you have any questions or are interested in one of these M101’s give us a shout we would be happy to help. Contact us at 1 902 467 0250 or 


Below are photos from one of our customers, who beefed up a M101 and put an Outpost tent on it.