Traveller Stove

Testing out the Traveller Stove was fun, we were so delighted they finally arrived in Nova Scotia. We unpacked the stove with great gusto 🙂
First of all we did the paint curing as instructed which didn’t take too long. the next day we lit it up for “real”
It really burns well, we made a stew on it and the results were amazing, probably just my excellent chef skills , kidding aside though, it gives off a lot of heat, ideal for cooking any meal on and would be perfect for a yurt or a shed.
We are looking forward to trying it in our Varanger Camp soon.

It is lot heavier than the frontier stove, therefore portability is reduced. That said it is a fantastic stove and can definitely be hauled around in a vehicle if so desired.

There is also an Aluminium box you can order for it, although expensive it is really made well and looks super sharp. This stove has surprised us, it not only looks really awesome but it produces good heat too.

We have only tested it with wood so far, but it uses minimal amount to reach adequate cooking temps. It is really a lovely looking stove and cooks fantastically well!!
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  1. Ryda M. Stuart says:

    Am in California, U.S.A. Had a bit of a problem moving around your web site. Anybody else have this problem? 2nd. Do you sell these little guys? Can you ship to California? Pricing for stove, pipes etc. and shipping costs as this is a serious request. Thanking y in advance Ryda M. Stuart

    1. We do not have any in stock at moment. if you are interested you can contact us at 1 902 467 0250 and speak to Peter thanks for your interest.

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